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Travel to North Vietnam and meet the Hill Tribes on the markets of North Vietnam. Individual Vietnam Tour from Pyala Travel.

North Vietnam Tour

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Adventurous itinerary in the remote northern hills of Vietnam

This great journey shows you the many different hill tribes, living in fantastic surroundings in the northern mountains of Vietnam. Visit colorful markets, walk in the rice terraces and sleep in remote villages. Great scenery on this round trip from Hanoi

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18 days

North Vietnam Tour
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Day 1 Arrival Hanoi -Evening experience tasty Vietnam street-foods
On arrival at Noi Bai Airport, you are met and transferred to hotel. Ha Noi , Vietnam's capital, is a stylish and gracious city that retains an unique old world charm and some Asia ‘s most striking colonial architecture. The many lakes and parks make for relaxing atmosphere. O/N in Hotel .
At 16h30 PM  our guide meet in Hotel  for  take a walk though Old  Quarter past Bach ma Temple fist then  continue   walk  though some streets to O Quan Truong  Gate  then  though  the Vegetable Marker  and  fish Market  to Thanh Ha  alley to Cau Dong Market  then  connecting to electric market for  the  front   of the  food  market, inhere  you  can seat with local people  for try tasty  of  hot food  cook and cake and   papaya salad with  mixed hot dry beep  meet  its  the  sights & sound of  Hanoi and of  Vietnamese is  culture  and  continuing  to  the  behind of  Dong Xuat  Market  for  tasty of  : ( Pho mix dry)  and  “ Bun Dau” made from  the Tofu   its very special dishes  and   our  guide   will be  explaining to you  how are cooked   and  time for meal   after that stroll up to  the  food alley  you  can  see other dishes on offer  the  to down way  to the  Dyke of  Red River to Hang Than Street to view  ceremonial young green sticky  rice cake and  you  can state a special  cake  this  cake  Vietnamese are  used for  wedding ceremonial only  and  continue walk  down to  the Lake  of  Hoan Kiem  thought  bronze streets  to   Hang  Vai  , in here  our  guide  will show   you  of  special taste drink  with Street  Local Beer  “ Called Bia hoi”    for  each 2 class 300 ml/ per class  with special piece  of  “ Nem Chua “  ( Pork meet with pepper , Gallic   rolling  on Banana leave )    and  enjoying  in an evening O/N in Hanoi.
Includes: Dinner,Transfer , tour English speaking guide

Day 2 Hanoi - Hoa Binh - Thung Nang - MAI CHAU
Morning breakfast at the hotel meet our guide and driver and start the journey to Ba Khan of Mai Chau. The first stop is Hoa Binh, known for the Dao and Muong villages. Short stop at Muong Bo Cho village. Continue to Mai Chau. Finally leave the flat lands of the Delta for the mountainous regions, the habitat is also radically changing. The countryside is dotted with cottages, among which Muong houses can be recognized by their sloping roofs and stilts. The White Thai people live here in wooden houses on stilts. You can take several walks through the forest of bamboo.  It is a beautiful jigsaw of rice fields cultivated by the White Thai, including hamlets scattered around the village. Afternoon we short drive to Mai Chau HideAway- NEW Resort  – Green Paradise in the heart of Hoa Binh Lake. Mai Chau HideAway” is built for the nature lovers and express a desire to help each traveler “discover”, “relax” and “enjoy the peaceful moment away from the noise of the city and anxiety of life”. This is an ideal place to enjoy the sun as well as the perfect view over the lake while immersing yourself in the blue water or relaxing on the sun-beds around the pools, along with small tables and umbrellas. Experience these moments of delight and refresh yourself.
Includes:  Breakfast, Transfer , tour English speaking guide or  French speaking guide upon request.
Day 3 Mai Chau - Moc Chau - Son La - Tuan Giao - Dien Bien Phu
Morning  breakfast in Hotel and  then  our  guide take  you  for treeking on the parth of forest though some villagese  tekk aboit 5 km  then our driver pick up and transfer to  the Moc Chau  and  you  are stop at  Moc Chau a beautiful drive up north to Son La. The road is in good condition and the scenery is stunning. We may take frequent stops to visit minority villages of  Black Thai,Hmong…  take photos with highlight of our trip today could be the tea plantations in Moc Chau Plateau, where you find the best green tea in Vietnam grown along the roads on hillsides. We reach Son La for luch  and then  countinue  drive is greater with more winding road, longer passes, more colorful minority groups and more stunning scenery. Like yesterday, have interesting stops to visit villages and take photos and ride could be the impressive pass of Pha Din pass, the longest pass in Vietnam  is approximately up to 32 km .Climbing and descending the slopes with their many bends and deep gorges is a really an unforgettable experience. We reach Dien Bien Phu in the late afternoon  nd  check in hotel  and overnight in Dien Bien Phu.
Includes: Breakfast, Transfer , tour English speaking guide
Day 4 Dien Bien Phu - Muong Lay – Lai Chau – Sin Ho
Morning breakfast in Hotel  and  then start  visit Dien Bien Phu  of history with French War in 1954 , first visit  hill A1 its  famous of the hill for fight again between  Viet Minh & French in 1954 then continue visit the  War of the Museum with a Head Quarter of  French De Castries with Monument for the war nearby,  after visit DBP  city  we  heading out of town, we spend a full day traveling into Vietnam's most mountainous region. The roads are difficult at times, but the spectacular landscape with a mixture of terraced fields and hill villages makes the hardship all worthwhile. En route, we have some opportunities to encounter the Red Hmong, Kho Mu, Mang, Dao people. They are very poor, but have colorful culture , continuing trip en route, we have some opportunities to encounter the Red Hmong, Kho Mu then  continuing  trip  for   driving  to  Sin Ho,  on the  way  up  Sin Ho   we  stop over  for  short trekking at The Pha Xo Lin village is very gorgeous and poetic, with dark wooden houses roofed with black marble tiles and fenced in with marble hedges. It’s mouthwatering to walk in the village, where you can take a seat under the fruit trees to delight in lovely lanterns swinging in the cool winds and their fresh and sweet tastes. Pha Xo Lin village is very well-known for its special golden red mangoes, with their sweet taste and jackfruit-like flavour. Besides its tasty fruits, Pha Xo Lin village is a shopping paradise of brocades and embroidery products. It’s common to see Dao women sitting at their thresholds in their front yards or under the fruit trees sewing passionately. While you’re there, don’t miss out on buying some clothes, scarves or other decorous things from the tribes people. Their products are very refined and gorgeous, as befitting of their name—the Sewing Dao tribe.   And after  ter noon  check in  O/N in, thanh binh Hotel  in Sin Ho.
Includes: Breakfast, Transfer , tour English speaking guide
Day 5 Sin Ho - Tam Dong - Binh Lu - Tram Ton - Sapa
Morning   breakfast and then  and  then   we  have   Visit  Market Day of  Sin Ho and  herein its so nice market  and then transfer to Lai Chau,  on the  way  up  Tam Duong  we  stop over  for  short trekking at some village is very gorgeous and poetic, with dark wooden houses roofed with black marble tiles and fenced in with marble hedges. It’s mouthwatering to walk in the village, where you can take a seat under the fruit trees to delight in lovely lanterns swinging in the cool winds and their fresh and sweet tastes. village is very well-known for its special golden red mangoes, with their sweet taste and jackfruit-like flavour. and then transfer on the  Tam Duong Dat  Market its very interesting marty only in the morning and then  keep  going to  Sapa  , on th way stop over at visit Binh Lu  market on morning , its  very colorful market of many varieties group of  trible  are coming to markets, after market  We follow the trip up to the high pass.   Herein on the way you can see other tribe group as Lu  people  with  black teeth then to driving up mountains pass to Sa Pa. At an elevation of 1,620 meters, Sapa was founded in the early years of the last century as a hill resort for French administrators when the heat on the plain became unbearable. Here are some remains of colonial period and many colorful ethnic minority groups. Sapa   You are visit the bustling Sa Pa Market where the Red Dao, Black Hmong, Tay and Xa Pho ethnic minorities converge from the nearby mountainsides and valleys to trade their goods and buy provisions. The Phan Si Pan Range boasts Vietnam’s highest mountain and lends an alpine feel to the area surrounding this hill station. Arrival check in the hotel and stay in Sapa.
Includes:  Breakfast, Transfer , tour English speaking guide
Day 6 Sapa Hiking to Giang ta chai Village
Morning   breakfast at hotel and 09. 00 AM  pick up  We leave the hotel for  driving to Lao Chai for start trekking .  The first part is on the road but we soon turn to the right and walk on a small path down the valley to the Muong Hoa River and from here to the Black H’mong village Lao Chai. Black H’mong is one of the biggest minority groups in the Sapa area. They are proud of their culture and keep their traditions and way of living. They have their own language and wear traditional indigo blue clothing.  After this you continue to Ta Van village (1.200 m) to visit Zay people. Zay is a fairly small minority group of about 38.000 people who live mainly in the mountains in Northwest Vietnam. The development has meant that some of their old customs have been lost but many women still wear traditional shirts with a purple, blue or green colour. The Zay houses are build in wood and bamboo with clay floor. and you get well off the beaten track as we embark on a walk into the homeland of hill tribe people. Along the way we traverse several rustic villages and see many mountaineers doing their daily works such as logging, herding buffalo and tilling the field.  Afternoon  transfer back Sapa , Evening   O/N in Sapa Includes:  breakfast, Transfer , tour English speaking guide
Day 7 Sapa - Bac Ha - Can Cau SATURDAY MARKET
Today is Saturday. After breakfast at 7h00 AM ,our driver  Pick up and  then you have  transfer  for  3 hours  to Bac ha and Can Cau Market, market day is on Saturday only in weekend,  In the early morning you will be driven to Bac Ha then continue trip to Can Cau, about 20 km from Bac Ha. Here you can enjoy the busy, colorful market of the mountain people of this area. Here you meet Flower Hmong, Black Dzao and Phu La peoples. Most market visitors still wear their beautiful traditional dress when they go to market, truly a feast for the eyes! Because Can Cau is located near the Chinese border, there are also people from China who cross the border to visit this market.  Just before noon you depart for Bac Ha where you will have lunch. In the afternoon you will walk to the Flower Hmong and Nung Ban Pho village located in a small valley. Most of the houses here are built entirely of wood without using a single nail. The valley is famous for its plum orchards and other fruit. You will stay in a hotel in Bac Ha.
Includes:Breakfast, Transfer, tour English speaking guide
Day 8 Sapa - Bac Ha sunday market
Today you can visit the Sunday market of Bac Ha. This market is mainly frequented by the Flower Hmong. The market is a feast for the eyes, everywhere there is something to see! It is also a paradise for photographers. The Hmong women walk around the market in their beautiful long skirts with bright orange, red, pink and yellow stripes. A mother carries her baby wrapped in a plaid cloth on her back. On her head she wears a bright pink knitted hat. Pondering, the mother stands at a basket with fluffy yellow chicks, chewing a piece of sugar cane, which is for sale everywhere in the market. She produces a bundle of money from a pocket and pays the market vendor. In the square wicker basket that dangles from her arm there are three little chicks peeping.
Includes:Breakfast, Transfer , tour English speaking guide
Day 9 Bac Ha - Xin Man - Hoang Su Phi
Today we are leaving Bac Ha  at 09h00 AM transfer to Hoang Su Phi and then drive is along an exciting stretch of road which climbs over the mountain pass to past H'mong, Tay  in La Chi stop over  for the  Village  and  La Ha , Pa Then village  and Dzao hill tribe communities heading out of town, we make our way through the breathtaking mountain landscape which the road follows the Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range of the east side  and winds through tea plantations and rice terraces At the bottom of the valley is the    and then  driving to  up  to the  pass  of  Thong  Nguyen  tp pass  “Heaven  gate” pass  for  landscape  of  on the  way to Hoang Su Phi  with  nation  terrace of  rice field . Includes:  Breakfast, Transfer , tour English speaking guide - Simple hotel in this Hoang Su Phi
Day 10 Hoang Su Phi - thong Nguyen - Panhou
In the morning you can visit the market at Huong Su Phi, and then head to Panhou, literally in the middle of nowhere, where you will stay in the beautiful and pleasant Panhou Village. In Panhou you can enjoy an excellent meal. The staff here is mainly young Dzao, Nung, Tay and Hmong. The bungalows are reached via a walkway across the river from this simple but attractive resort. In the afternoon you take a light hike through this wonderful, non-touristy area, led by a local guide. You walk for about 3 or 4 hours over small mountain paths and occasionally through rice terraces. The trail is mostly uphill, but you'll often stop and look around in the small villages you pass through. For anyone in normal physical condition this walk is doable, but take into account the possibility of slippery and steep paths, and make sure you bring water and a hat. You will visit villages of the Tay and Dzao. Over night in Panhou
Includes:Breakfast, Dinner, Transfer , tour English speaking guide
Day11 Panhou Hiking day
Today you depart Pan Hou with a local guide for a day hike through the green mountains of the area. It is a walk up and down narrow paths. You will visit small, unspoiled villages in the rice terraces of the Dzao people, and enjoy the nature, the fruit on the trees and the domesticated animals in the villages. Take water and a hat with you! If you do not enjoy walking, you can also rest a day at Pan Hou, which is very pleasant; it's a beautiful place with a lovely landscaped garden.
Includes: Breakfast, Picnic Lunch, Dinner,Local tourguide English speaking guide
Day 12 Panhou - Ha giang - Walk in tha village
Morning after breakfast in Panhou and  free until time for  check out  and  then  transfer to Ha  Giang ,  and then to Vilalge of Tay in THa village  and then you start arrange thing for  walk with Tay  village. Today is mainly uphill along small paths and through the rice terraces. You walk around some hours. Afternoon drive   to Ha  Giang   for check in at Truong xuan resort check in . O/N in Truong Xuan resort.
Includes: Breakfast, Transfer, Tour guide English speaking guide
Day 13 Ha Giang - Quang Ba - Yen Minh - Dong Van
Breakfast and then driving up to Dong Van , The remote region of Dong Van is a land of rugged mountains and beautiful hill villages  which are unchanged for centuries. Today we head Northeast out of Ha Giang Town towards this northernmost tip of Vietnam. On the  way to Dong Van   we  stop over visit some attraction of village near by way of the region but the blend of hill tribe people's colorful costumes and the majestic mountainous scenery make this long and bumpy trip an unforgettable experience, then  we  stop over visit The former H’mong royal house at Sa Phin is a primary attraction of the region. Discover the diversity of the north with a visit to the local market where hill tribes from around the region come to trade their wares  from H'mong king and take a walk after this  place continuing  to Dong van, arrival for check in hotel O/N in Dong van.
Includes: Breakfast, Transfer, Tour guide English speaking guide
Day 14 Dong van - Lung Phin Saturday market - Meo Vac
Morning our tour guide meet  and  walk to  local restarant for breakfast , because  hotel  not  serving breakfast , and  you  can have Vietnamese normal  breakfast , its  so nice as  rice’s noodle soup with chiken meat or  beef , After  brekfast  we  start  driving  to   Market about  45 minute , in here   so nice  market only  one time  a week on Satuday, from Dong Van  to Meo Vac  for  the   very nice  pass of  Ma Phi Leng  its  amazing  landscape  of this areas  for  nice photos of mountainous  and   river  of Nho Que  then to Meo Vac  which is conquered by the Lo Lo and Pu Peo ethnic minority people. They still retain their age old cultural traditions and are recognizably distinct from each other by their dress. you  have many chance  for photos  with many difference Tribe are comig to Market as  La  Chi , green H’mong , and Dzo people and Lo Lo ect..  Market only in the morning  , and  market  will be  ending at 12h00 PM , and  our   guide  and driver take you back hotel in Meo Vac for  rest  and afternoon you  can  walk around the small town. Evening overnight in Meo Vac.
Includes:  Breakfast, Transfer, Tour guide English speaking guide
Day 15 Meo Vac - Tinh tuc - cao bang
To day after  breakfast and  we  joint to Market   on Sunday Market  and after  09h30 AM  we  leaving Meo Vac  Market for continuing trip to Cao Bang , today  is a long trip for  through the rolling hills and the picturesque scenery. The roads are very bumpy and zigzagging however we will have a  chance to meet the Hmong, Dao, Tay and Nung ethnic minorities who make for the main population of this region. We are sure to attract their attention as this part of the country receive very few visitors. Depending on road and traffic conditions we arrive in Cao Bang by  late  evening  today. but it is till an interesting day.  Arrival around 18h00 PM  and then  check in hotel . Over night in Cao Bang.  
Includes: Breakfast, Transfer, Tour guide English speaking guide
Day 16 Cao Bang - Ban gioc waterfall -Ba Be National Park
Morning  we  have  breakfast at Hotel  and then driving  to  the  Ban Gioc Water fall , on the   way we pass to the  Ma Phuc pass   its  very  high pass  and then to the  Nung & Tay  villages   you  can to stop over  for  short  walk to  village  visit how are  hand made the   farmer tool as knife , hammer , hoe blades, axes and other tools, so here is a village famous for its handmade , after that we continue driving to Ban Gioc water fall ,  before  getting  this  place we must be stopover the Army spot to make travel permission to the border of China for Visit Ban Gioc waterfall, So nice   waterfall and you have time for Photos in Waterfall . After  here you will be leaving  this place  for  Muong Ngao Cave , its   so beautiful  cave  on the way to Ban Gioc you have many stop for see as weaving cloth and dyeing with indigo of minorities by Tay and Nung people  then  drive  to Cao Bang then  to Ba Be National Park , Arrival village of Tay people  are  very  friendly  welcome for the  green tea  and check in the  family house and  stay with family of  Tay. After check in  you can have time to walk around  the village and  photo opportunity shorting  nice  picture if  whether permit  and  evening enjoying with dinner at family of  home stay.  
Includes: Breakfast, Transfer, Tour guide English speaking guide ,Dinner. Home stay
Day 17 Ba Be - boat ride- Bac Kan - thai Nguyen - Hanoi
Breakfast at the home stay  family cooked  then start   the  trip on the lake  by boat. The legendary lake of Ba Be is just one continuous water body although the name means” three lakes”. Today we embark on a  boat cruising down the Nang River which is the main water source of the lake. This exciting river trip  will give us a taste of the tranquil countryside and an enjoyable exploration of the Ba Be National Park. We traverse  en route the Poong Grotto before stopping at some nearby hill tribe villages and getting off the beaten track to the scenic Dau Dang Waterfalls and after boat trip  you have  short  walk  for exploring some village around by side of Ba Be Lake. After that we  leaving the  Ba  Be  on the   way  to  Hanoi  we stop  for  some  place  of the  scenery for  photos and then  start heading out of town Thai Nguyen we stopover  Thai Nguyen for  Visit Ethnic  Museum before you driving  its so nice trip and  scenery driving up to  the pass   up and down  then to pass  tea plantation   to Thai Nguyen  and  then to Hanoi  . Arrival Hanoi check in and  stay in Hanoi
Includes: Breakfast + guide, transfer, Boat trip on lake
Day 18 Hanoi departure
The journey is over. The driver picks you up at your hoteland brings you to the airport for  flight home. 
Includes: breakfast, transfer,

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