Pyala Travel, Tailor Made Tours with Local Partners

Think Global, Book Local! Individual Tours. Money Secure. Direct contact with local Travel Agencies. All over Asia


100% tailor made

Our selected local agent customizes
your tour to your wishes.

Connect directly

to local travel agencies
and skip the middleman.

Secure bookings

Bookings and payments are done securely through our head office in the Netherlands.

Why Explore Asia with Pyala?

Looking for a fantastic experience in Asia? Off the Beaten track? Small scale? Direct contact with local partners? 

Choose one of our Join-In Tours (international groups with fixed departure dates) or one of our Private Tours.

With our private tours you can travel exactly the way you want, choosing your own itinerary, travelling in your own way, at your own pace to known and unknown places of beautiful Asia!

Enjoy our very dedicated team of travel experts in our local offices to help you out.
Have authentic experiences through our meet-a-local activities, day hikes, mountain treks, cycling tours, streetfood tours and more hot stuff. Meanwhile you support local economies by these activities.
Experience our selection of small-scale hotels away from tourist traps.
Enjoy our personal approach  to designing your trip exactly the way you want.
See and explore both ancient history and living culture and sample delicious local cuisine.

Let's Pyala! - 100% flexibility!

Think Global, Travel Local!