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Explore the grandeur of the Indian Himalaya on this Ladakh Tour with Pyala Travel.

India, Ladakh Tour

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Buddhist monasteries in breathtaking mountainscenery

This Ladakh Tour shows you the best of the Indian Himalaya's. In this trip you will make a wonderful overland trip from Manali to Leh in Ladakh. The journey will pass several high passes of the Himalaya.You will enjoy the monasteries and the scenery.

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India, Ladakh Tour
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Day 1 Arrival Manali
Arriving in Manali, which lies at the end of the Kullu valley. It is “the place” to go for Indians on their honeymoon and seeing the snow on the Rothang pass. You will stay at family run guesthouse in the quiet area of Old Manali. You will see the traditional farmhouses, the ladies in the local Pattoo dress, who will pass the guesthouse with their cow to go the fields or apple orchards around the village
Day 2 Manali
The name of Manali comes from Manu, the local god (devta) from Old Manali. There is a story about Manu, that he saved the world after a High Tide (tsunami). There is a nice temple in Old Manali were Manu is worshipped. Manali is also mentioned in the stories of Ramayana; the 5 Pandava Brothers wandered around in the Himalaya and came across a demon in the woods of Dungri (village next to Old Manali). They fought the demon and were helped by Hadimba (the sister of the Demon) who fell in love with Bhim, the strongest of the 5 brothers. They conquered the demon and since the 15th century there is a wooden temple dedicated to Hadimba. Nowadays the local people go the temple and offer a male animal for good weather or good business. The blood keeps the demons calm, they say. Hadimba is the most powerful deity in the whole Kullu valley. Close to Manali is also Vashist, which has hot springs and a nice waterfall.
Day 3 Manali – Keylong
A 7-hour journey will bring you to Keylong. Starting to go up to the Rothangpass, which lies, on 3950 m high. The Rothang pass is the big attraction for the Indian tourist and especially in May and June there will be a lot of them to see and touch the snow. After the pass you will go down to the Lahaul valley, which lies at the altitude of more then 3000 m high. The potatoes of Lahaul are famous for their taste and quality. The people of Lahaul are mostly Buddhist and some are Hindu’s and you will see here mostly Buddhist monasteries, but a few mix religion temples, like the Triloknath temple in Udaipur. The landscape is less green then the Kullu valley and surrounded by mountain ranges with glaciers
Day 4 Keylong - Sarchu
In 5 hours you will drive to Sarchu. It is a spectacular drive where you will pass the beautiful pass of Baralacha la (4950 m) On the pass there are Tibetans prayer flags and Mani stones. On the stones and flags there will be the inscription of OM Mani Padma Hum, the Buddhist Mantra of Avalokiteshvara (Buddha of Compassion). Buddhist believes that the mantra and prayers will go with the winds. Accommodation is in a tent camp at Sarchu, which lies on 4200 m Height. Yaks and large orange marmots can be seen in the area. A river runs through a deep gorge close to the camp.
Day 5 Sarchu – Tso Moriri
Today is a long day to the salty lake of Tso moriri. It will take around 10 hours over the winding road to Pang, crossing a double pass of 5000 m height, along the Changtang plateau, the Tso Kar Lake all the way to Tso moriri, which lies on 4522 m. There is a big chance you will see Kyangs, Tibetans wild ass who are running over the chang tang plateau. Closer to Tso moriri you can see the white nomads tents with herds of Yaks.
Day 6 Tso Moriri
The people of Karzok, the village close to the lake are half nomads. Only in the summer they trek around. In the winter they stay in their houses. The lake of Tso moriri is known for the variety of exotic birds, ducks and goose. It lies close to the Tibetan Border and also Tibetan nomads visit the area. It is possible to walk along the beautiful blue brackish lake of Tso moriri, which is 19 km long. Or visit the Gompa (monastery) of Karzok.
Day 7 Tso Moriri – Leh
In 6 hours you will travel to the capital city of Ladakh (land of passes): Leh, which lies on the altitude of 3500 m. “Small Tibet” is what they sometimes call Ladakh, as it is more Tibetan like then Tibet nowadays. The local culture, Language and nature are similar. Leh is a small place with lots of hotels, souvenirs shop and restaurants. The local women sell their vegetable in the main street. Some of them still wear the traditional high Ladakhi hat.
Day 8 Leh
The first thing you will see when you arrive in Leh town is the Small Tsemo Gompa and the Old palace on top of the Hill above Leh. Today is a free day to wander around in Leh or the villages around: Changspa and Karzoo. Visit the old monastery of Sankar in Karzoo, wander around along the barley fields in Changspa, visit the old Gomang Stupa and enjoy the view on the mountains around. Or visit some small monasteries in the area like Matho and Stakna (tiger nose). At Matho there will be a ceremony every day at 12 noon which you can attend. In Stok you can visit the museum close to the palace where the royal family of Ladakh lives nowadays.
Day 9 Leh / excursion Hemis and Tikse
Hemis is the richest and largest monastery of Ladakh. It has lots of golden Buddha Statue and stupa’s inlaid with semi precious stones. This monastery is build 400 years ago. The Thikse monastery is build on a hill and has 12 stories. It is 800 years old, has many different temples inside and about 60 monks reside here. The most famous Buddha statue of Ladakh is here: it’s the 2 story high Maitreya Buddha (Future Buddha).
Day 10 Leh – Lamayuru
The route to Lamayuru goes through the Moon valley and the view will take your breath away. In Lamayuru monastery there is a small cave where the Buddhist holy man Naropa has meditated for many years. On the way to Lamayuru there will be a stopover at the Rizong monastery, a beautiful monastery build in 1840.
Day 11 Lamayuru – Leh via Alchi
From Lamayuru take the upper road back to Leh for the good views. On the way there will be a stop at the oldest monastery of Ladakh: ALCHI. It is built in 1000. The interior is very special. Beautiful wall paintings and Clay statues in Kashmiri style. In the first temple, 3 large clay statues of Vajrapani, Manjushri and Maitreya Buddha are not to be missed. The other 3 temples have all wall paintings; some of them are damaged by the rainwater and not very good repaired. Alchi is not a running monastery any more. It is a museum run by the monks of LIKIR. It is possible to visit the Likir Monastery, which lies close to Alchi on the way to Leh. It has a large sitting Buddha outside the temple.
Day 12 Leh
The last day in Leh for last shopping of souvenirs
Day 13 Leh – Delhi
An early morning flight will bring you back to Delhi

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