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Two week individual Tour to Bangladesh which can be completely customized upon your wishes at Pyala Travel.

Enchanting Bangladesh Tour

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2 week Highlights Bangladesh trip

On this Bangladesh tour you will visit in two weeks the main highlights of this less traveled country. You will see the colorful Dacca, of course, the Sundarbans, the tea plantations Srimongal and the hill tribes in Chittagong.

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Enchanting Bangladesh Tour
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Day 1 Arrival Dhaka
You arrive at the airport in Dhaka and transfer to your hotel. You will have the time to first take some rest before you make an introduction to this bustling capital city in the afternoon.

Dhaka, the Capital of Bangladesh, founded in 1608 has an exciting history and
rich cultural heritage. It is intersected by the rivers Buriganga. The total area of the city is approximately 1400 sq. km., with a population of 15 million. It was adorned with the glory of being the capital of the region when it was successively under the Mughal and the British rules.

Dhaka is a chaotic city full of people and endless rows of rickshaws, cars, taxis, motorbikes, bicycles, street vendors etc etc. The 'rickshaw capital of the world' will take care of many jams; I also particularly patience and be amazed about how everyone finds its way. You visit the Lalbagh Fort, a 17th century Moghul palace that day is an oasis of tranquility in the city today. Especially popular as a meeting place of the local youth. At Sadarghat you see the boats and sail to bring people and goods to the other side of the river. If time allows, you will visit the Star Mosque and the Hindu Temple Dhakeswari.
Day 2 - Dhaka - Bogra / via Tangail
After staying in this busy city you today traveling through the countryside, along several rivers to the northwest of the country. You drive to the village of Tangail, located about three hours drive from Dhaka. Here you will have lunch in a guesthouse of the organization Ubinig as well as supporting sustainable agriculture also community based tourism projects intent to assist in supporting the villagers of Bangladesh as their livelihood. In the village you will learn about the activities of this organization and village life. After lunch you continue your journey to the town of Bogra, which under British administration was founded on the right bank of the river Karatoya. The way we see charming villages with lots of activity. Children play the inevitable cricket. We stay here in a spacious accommodation with a pool.
Day 3 Bogra - Rajshahi / via Paharpur and Mahastangarh
Through the archaeological sites of Paharpur and Mahastangarh traveling today to the location on the border with India Rajshahi. Mahastangarh is to say, the oldest city in Bangladesh, dating back to the 3rd century BC. Nearby are here to find archaeological foundations of temples and the citadel of the Pala rulers from the 8th century. The combination of the green grass and the stone remains make it a special place. The ruins of the UNESCO-protected complex of Paharpur Buddhist temple is one of the cultural highlights in the northwest of Bangladesh. This also comes from the time of the Pala dynasty (7th-12th centuries). The complex is nice and quiet in a rural area and was the largest Buddhist structure south of the Himalayas. Greater than, for example Borobodur in Indonesia. Rajshahi is a major silk production center on the border with India. Of course there is the possibility to see a silk factory and the process of caterpillar to side view close. In the evening you can stroll along the Padma river.
Day 4 Rajshahi - Sundarbans / via Puthia and Mongla
After breakfast depart for the beautiful temple city of Puthia. Between the green and along the shores of several lakes / ponds are water here several Hindu palaces from the 16th century by the Raja of Puthia. The palaces are again built in terracotta and beautiful contrast with the green surroundings. Many decorations and in the buildings; in Bhubaneshwar Shiva temple is the largest lingam of the country. This is the most remarkable structure of this beautiful town palace. Especially here that one of the sites only share with the colorful people who cheerfully inquisitive or playing (children) watch.  

After lunch drive to Mongla, another long stretch drive of 7 hours. In the evening you step aboard the boat to begin the cruise through the Sundarbans. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and a first dinner on board. The cook cooks up a delicious meal of fresh fish and shrimp for you on the table. Overnight on board in small 2-person cabins, most of which have air conditioning.
Day 5 Sundarbans
The Sundarbans is the world's largest mangrove forest. You will find an exotic wildlife, including the Bengal tiger. The Sundarbans even has the highest tiger density of all the national parks in the world. Almost 10% of the wild tigers live in the Sundarbans, where they are notorious for devouring the regular people who live here! Besides tigers, there are more than 300 species of birds, otters, monkeys, crocodiles, deer, boars and river dolphins. Along the way during the trip you get several times the boat to take a walk through a village or switching to a small boat to reach the canals. Especially early in the morning, this tour on such a small boat breathtaking. Enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the park. Spot the many species of birds and deer and a lot of luck we might see a tiger. Throughout the day the boat through the Sundarbans direction Chandpai. We sleep on the boat and enjoy the delicious meals that the chefs conjure forth.
Day 6 Sundarbans - Khulna / via Bagerhat
In the morning you will wake up in the beautiful Sundarbans. You make a trip by small boat and possibly visit a fishing village and see how people live in this area and life. Then you sail to the port of Mongla. In an hour or two is further traveled to Bagerhat, the mosque-city of the country.   This also protected town Unesco, which has several special mosques of the Middle Ages. The most special and beautiful is the so-called '60 -koepelige mosque '; Shai this Gumbad mosque has 77 domes and actually looks like a fortified fortress. You will visit the mausoleum of Khan Jahan evenens Ali and several other 15th century mosques such as the 9-koepelige mosque and smaller mosques with one dome. The mosques are located in a beautiful rural setting and because there are many pilgrims there is always something to do. Then you drive a half hour to Gopalganj where you sleep in a hotel.
Day 7 Khulna - Jessore / flight to Dhaka - Srimongol / via Sonargaon
Khulna drive in an hour or two at the Jessore airport for the flight back to Dhaka. Once there, drive straight to the ancient capital of Bengal empire (13th-17th century): Sonargaon, the 'Golden City'. The city still has some fantastic and monumental buildings from this time. we look at the former royal standards palace and wander through the old main street. It is not difficult to see the richness of this ancient city through the dilapidated gebeouwen. Endpoint of the day is Srimongal, the "tea capital" of Bangladesh. The town lies amidst the beautiful hills.
Day 8 Srimongol / walk Lowacherra National Park and visit tea plantations
A wonderful day out in the vicinity of Srimongol. In the morning you drive to the Lowacherra Forest reserve. Here you will walk through the jungle and visit a village of Khastia and Tripura tribe. In the afternoon you will meet the Monipuri tribe, visiting a village and learn more about the life of this "hill tribes". Of course, a cup of tea on this day are not lacking.
Day 9 Srimongal - Chittagong
Today you put a considerable distance down to the southern Chittagong, Bangladesh's second largest city and the largest port in the country. We try to make this journey by train, but train tickets can be booked until late and it's never quite sure that we actually get. Should it fail to get train tickets, simply travel by private car further. Along the way, you can then make a stop at a war cemetery and a Buddhist monastery, and you use the lunch in Comilla. In the evening you will arrive in Chittagong. In colonial times, lived here - in Calcutta after - most Brits throughout Bengal.
Day 10 Chittagong - Rangamati
In the morning there is any time to look around some in Chittagong. Then you can travel further to the so-called. "Chittagong Hill Tracts, a region that is totally different in terms of culture and landscape than the rest of Bangladesh. Rangamati, located on the scenic Kaptai lake, is the first place that we visit here. In the densely vegetated hills tribe peoples who live according to the original traditions alive. Most of these people are Buddhists. In Rangamati you can visit some Buddhist temples and monasteries.
Day 11 Rangamati - Bandarban
You make a boat trip on the Kaptai Lake and sail through a gap to visit Subalong and meet some tribes on the islands in the lake. One of those is the Chakma tribes, who also run a small restaurant where we have lunch. Through the Arakan Highway drive further south towards the hills of the Chittagong Hill Tracts to the tribal market town of Bandarban, four hours away. Here we can walk around the town with its market, Golden Temple and Meghla Lake.
Day 12 Bandarban - Chittagong / Dhaka flight
In the morning you can stroll through the town and the market, visit the Golden Temple. A few kilometers outside the village is the Meghla lake in the beautiful green namesake park. After lunch, drive back to the coast, where you will again arrive in Chittagong after about three hours. In time to catch your flight back to Dhaka. You do not have an evening in this special capital of the country.
Day 13 depart Dhaka

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Hi, I am Rafiqul Islam Nasim, your local travel agent.
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