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Two week individual Tour to Bangladesh which can be completely customized upon your wishes at Pyala Travel.

Enchanting Bangladesh Tour

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2 week Highlights Bangladesh trip

On this Bangladesh tour you will visit in two weeks the main highlights of this less traveled country. You will see the colorful Dacca, of course, the Sundarbans, the tea plantations Srimongal and the hill tribes in Chittagong.

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13 days

Enchanting Bangladesh Tour
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Two week Exploration of Bangladesh
This two-week individual tour will take you through the highlights of one of the youngest countries in the world: Bangladesh. Only in the early 70s they fought for their independence from West Pakistan after the long British rule. Bangladesh offers the traveler during our dark months a nice mix of rustic farming villages in the green countryside, ancient temples and palaces of bygone times. The busy life of Dhaka and along the many rivers that flow through the country to colorful tribal peoples in the wooded hills against the Burmese border.  

Starting point of the trip is of course the capital Dhaka, a dazzling cauldron full of energy and activity. Daily moving here about half a million brightly painted bicycle rickshaws as colored waves through an endless sea of traffic. A boat trip on the Buriganga River, the heart artery of Old Dhaka, will introduce you to an unforgettable spectacle of life in this hardworking metropolis.  

In the rural region of Rajshahi in the northwest of the country, the bright colors of the bazaars and the elated ease of urban residents are interspersed with small villages and forgotten relics of a rich ancient history. You see religious monuments like the red sandstone of Kantanagar Hindu, Buddhist monastery ruins of Paharpur and the ancient citadel of Mahasthangarh. The silent witnesses of the powerful principalities which once thrived here in prosperity. In the southeast you make a two-day cruise through the beautiful mangroves and swamps of the Sunderbans, looking for the Bengal tiger and other wildlife.  

One of the most picturesque landscapes of Bangladesh are the tea-covered hills at Srimangal, in the sparsely populated backwater in the northeast of the country. Besides tea plantations can be found in this area also the oldest and most accessible semi-tropical forests of Bangladesh, where you can enjoy the silence of nature. Through the cosmopolitan Chittagong, the country's busiest port, traveling to both scenic and culturally the most fascinating regions of Bangladesh: the Chittagong Hill Tracts. In this forested mountain area that stretches along the Burmese border, leading tribes such as the Chakma and Marma still very own existence, regardless of the laws and regulations of the rest of the country. For a long time this was special, predominantly Buddhist area closed to tourism, but in recent years, visitors are allowed piecemeal. The charming Rangamati is the main town of the region and is located on several small islands in the scenic Kaptai Lake. A boat trip to the tribal villages on the tropical green banks of this lake is an undisputed highlight of your visit, especially on market days.

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Short itinerary Bangladesh tour (13 days / 12 nights)
Day 1 arrival Dhaka
Day 2 - Dhaka Bogra via Tangail
Day 3 Bogra - Rajshahi through Paharpur and Mahastangarh
Day 4 Rajshahi - Sundarbans through Mongla
Day 5 Sundarbans
Day 6 Sundarbans - Khulna via Bagerjat
Day 7 Khulna - Srinmongal via Dhaka
Day 8 Srimongal / visit tea plantations and Lowacherra National Park
Day 9 Srimongal - Chittagong
Day 10 Chittagong - Rangamati
Day 11 Rangamati - Bandarban
Day 12 Bandarban - Chittagong / Dhaka flight
Day 13 departure Dhaka

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Hi, I am Rafiqul Islam Nasim, your local travel agent.
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Hi, I am Rafiqul Islam Nasim, your local travel agent.
Discover bangladesh with me!

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