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Unexplored Tribes of Northern Vietnam Tour

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From Hanoi to Sapa via Dien Bien Phu

With this travel module visit the little-traveled northwest of Vietnam. From Hanoi head to to the historic Dien Bien Phu, where the French army was defeated by the Vietnamese. Then you travel further into the mountains to Sapa, a wonderful journey!

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Unexplored Tribes of Northern Vietnam Tour
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Day 1 Hanoi - Son La
Today begins your adventurous trip through northwestern Vietnam. It's a long trip of about eight hours. Along the way you stop for lunch in Hoa Binh.   Son La is a provincial town that evokes many memories of the colonial conflict between France and Vietnam. You can visit the old French prison and a tower with sweeping views of the area. The population of this area is mainly Black and White Thai and different groups of Hmong.
Day 2 Son La - Dien Bien Phu
It is four hours’ drive to Dien Bien Phu. It is a legendary place because it was here in 1954 that the French army was defeated by the troops of the Viet Minh, which marked a turning point in the struggle for the independence of Indochina. In Dien Bien Phu you can visit several monuments, the cemetery, and museums that recall the struggle against the French occupation.  

You will pass the villages of Thai people, which is also divided into subgroups such as the White, Red and Black Thai. It is logical to think that their names correspond to the color of their clothing, as is the case for many tribes in Vietnam, but another explanation is that the Thai groups are named after the Red River (Song Hong) and Black River (Song Da) which flow through this area. The Red and Black Thai dress quite exuberantly, but the White Thai usually wear inconspicuous clothing.
Day 3 Dien Bien Phu - Muong Te via Muong Lay
Today is a long travel day to Muong Te. Along the way you will stop regularly in small villages of the local Hmong groups. Almost all Hmong women have extremely long hair that they wear wrapped around a turban. You will also pass villages of the Thai people.  

When you turn off towards Muong Lay, the first part of the road is paved, but the rest is unpaved and very bad. Despite the bad road, this tour is definitely worth it because of the beautiful green landscape. At the end of the day you arrive in the town of Muong Te. Muong Te still not widely visited by tourists. From here you can take beautiful walks and visit small villages in the area.
Day 4 Muong Te - Sin Ho
Today is another long travel day! In the morning you can take a walk around Muong Te and visit some local villages. Then you continue your journey to Sin Ho, a wonderful ride through the mountains. Sin Ho is a small mountain town where several hill tribes live together and keep their traditions alive.
Day 5 Sin Ho - Tam Duong (Lai Chau)
In the morning you will visit the daily market of Sin Ho. It is a small market but you can see different peoples here. You also won’t have to brave crowds of tourists here. After visiting the market you can take a short walk in the village of Pha Xo Lin. It is a beautiful village with dark wooden houses covered with black marble tiles. Pha Xo Lin is well known for its special golden-red mangoes with their sweet taste and jackfruit-like flavor. Besides the tasty fruit, the village is also famous for its embroidery. You will see a lot of Dao women sewing in their front yard. Late in the afternoon you will reach Tam Duong (now also known as Lai Chau).
Day 6 Tam Duong- Sapa
In the morning you will visit the market of Dong Tam (Thursdays only) which is visited by many hill tribes. The markets are often a highlight of the trip. After visiting the market you will drive the Lung Khau Nhin market. This is a small market near the border with China in the town of Muong Khuong. You will also see many minorities including the Black Dao and Flower Hmong Dzay (Red H'mong). After visiting the market you will drive to Sapa. On the way to Sapa you go through the highest mountain pass (1900 m) in Vietnam, the Tram Ton Pass.

Sapa is the center of North Vietnam. Unfortunately, in recent years Sapa has become a popular tourist resort. The street is full of Black Hmong who are trying to sell their wares to tourists. Despite the heavy tourism, the area is still beautiful and full of misty rice paddies. You can take beautiful walks here, and this is also a good place to buy souvenirs.
Day 7 Sapa/ trekking
The area around Sapa is beautiful and perfect for hiking. The town is surrounded on all sides by rice fields and high mountains that are often shrouded in fog patches. Today you can take a walk through this beautiful landscape.

We will first drive seven kilometers to a good starting point where you can begin walking. The total hike takes almost 5 hours. First, you follow a main road for a while, and then descend slowly down to the Muong Hoa River and visit the village of Lao Chai where the Black Hmong live. The village is surrounded by rolling rice terraces and fields, and dogs and chickens wander among the wooden houses. From Lao Chai you walk among the rice fields and bamboo forest to the village of Giang Ta Chai where the Red Dzao and Zay peoples live. The Red Dzao are recognizable by their imposing red headdresses, blue tunics and shaved eyebrows. The significance of this shaving is not known. When asked, the answer is "What is the point of this hair?"
Day 8 Sapa, can cau market / night train Hanoi
Today is Saturday. In the early morning you are driven to Can Cau, about 20 km from Bac Ha. Here you can enjoy the busy, colorful market of the mountain people of this area. Here you can meet the Flower Hmong, Black Dzao and Phu La peoples. Most market visitors here still wear their beautiful traditional dress, truly a feast for the eyes! Because Can Cau is located near the Chinese border, there are also people from China who cross the border to visit this market. Just before noon you will leave for Lao Cai where you will catch night train to Hanoi.
Day 9 arrival Hanoi

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