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Don't know which places to visit in Vietnam? Find out what our local Pyala experts consider the best things to visit when travelling the country.

Best things to do in Vietnam

Do, explore, taste and more in Vietnam

There are many ways to explore the Vietnamese culture and scenery. Have you ever tried the Vietnamese food, for example, or are you familiar with the daily habits of Vietnamese people? How do you get to places where no one else gets? In other words, how do you get the best Vietnam experience? Here’s what our local Vietnam travelexperts consider to be the best things to do in order to make your Vietnam trip unforgettable.

Streetfood Tour in Hanoi

An unforgettable experience! Along with your English-speaking guide you hit the road in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. You will discover the local markets and popular neighborhoods and you'll try authentic snacks, food and local "Bia Hoi" beer. During the walk you will visit the Bach Ma Temple and the Quan Truong Gate. You get to know the local markets (vegetables, fish, etc.) and visit the Cau Dong market. Finally, you'll stop at the "food market" and you and your guide will taste local specialties. Your guide will tell you how the dishes are prepared and what ingredients are used. After the tasting you can walk to Hang Than Street, where you will taste the traditional young green sticky rice cake. This cake is eaten only during traditional ceremonies such as a wedding. You then walk via the Hoan Kiem Lake further to Hang Vai where you can taste the local beer from Hanoi, "Bia Hoi." This beer is made for everyone! This beer is cheap so that everyone (rich and poor) can drink it. Here the beer is served from the barrel. The café will be filled with only locals. 

Canoe trip Halong Bay

What can be more enchanting than peddling at your own pace in a rustic canoe in one of the great sceneries of Asia; the mesmerizing Halong Bay? Take a boat tour to this wonderful bay where mountains rise out of the sea surroundig your boat. Get off the boat and take a canoe trip that takes you to small channels and hidden lakes. Prepare or buy some lovely Vietnamese food in the morning for your trip and have a lunch in a beautiful environment. Enjoy the ride! Great with kids as well.