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At present, only citizens of few countries can visit Vietnam without entry visa for:
1) No more than 30 days for citizens of Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Laos.
2) No more than 15 days for citizens of Japan and South Korea, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland.
New information:  Again, without visa for European countries  from 01 July 2015 for no more than 15 days: Germany, France, Spain , England, Italy. 
3) French citizens holding valid diplomatic passports are exempt  from visa requirements when visiting Vietnam and are allowed to stay for up 3 months at one time or on several visits within six months from their first immigration dates.
4) Citizens of Chile holding valid diplomatic or official passports are exempt from needing entry, exit and transit visas in Vietnamese territory and are allowed to stay for up 60 days on each  visit.

The best practice is to get the visa stamped on your passport before the departure by applying at one of the Vietnamese Embassies or Consulates. If you want to avoid a long procedure for a visa to be approved at an Embassy outside Vietnam (from 4 to 10 days), we can arrange to get the visa approved code service for you. After approval, we will send notification (by fax or attached email) to you and fax the approval to your desired embassy or consulate. You then just bring your passport to that embassy or consulate to get the visa stamp on your passport on the same day.
In case there isn't a Vietnamese embassy or consulate in your country, or you just want to visit Vietnam at once, the visa on arrival is the solution. The visa on arrival is the visa that is stamped on your passport at an international airport upon your arrival in Vietnam, but this visa can only be issued if you apply for it  in advance and it is approved. If you apply for this type of visa, after approval, we will send a copy to you by fax or attached email. The original should be kept to help you get the visa easily when going through customs.

1- Visa upon arrival service
The below cost excludes the stamp fee of about US, which will be charged directly to the traveler at the airport. Clients are recommended to book transfers between the airport and hotel in combination with our visa service (US$ 45 one way  by car/van) and other travel services. Normal processing time is 1- 2 workdays

2- Visa approval service
Our cost below excludes the stamp fee of about US, which will  be paid directly to the embassy or consulate. Clients are recommended to book other travel services. Normal processing time is 1 - 2 workdays 

3- Business & multiple visa approval service
Our cost below excludes the stamp fee of about US, which will  be paid directly to the embassy or consulate. Clients are required to have other business contracts with Vietnamese companies through Pyala Travel                                                                                                 

How do I apply for a visa approval code or visa upon arrival through a travel company in  Vietnam?       
A - Required details:  
To process a Vietnamese visa, please provide us with the following information:
1. Your title (Mr./Mrs./Ms.)  
2. Your name as shown in your passport  
3. Date of birth   
4. Nationality   
5. Occupation   
6. Passport No. (valid at least 6 months beyond your return date)  
7. Passport issue date   
8. Passport expiration date   
9. Proposed date of arrival  
10. Port of arrival: Noi Bai (Hanoi), Da Nang / Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh City)  
11. Purpose of visit (Vacation/Business/Visit family)  
12. Type of service (Visa approval code or Visa upon arrival)  
13. The city where the Vietnamese embassy or consulate is located, where you plan to get the visa (only for visa approval code type)  
14. Copy of your passport that includes the passport number and your picture.  

Please send an email for visa arrangement to us after confirmed booking.  

B - Procedures:
As soon as we receive your information we will process the visa immediately. In urgent cases the process takes only 1 to 2 working days; normally is takes 3 to 5 working days.

Best way apply visa upon arrival 
After it is approved, we send you an email with an attached copy of the approval letter.
Please do not forget to:  
- Print out the visa approval letter to show the airlines while boarding on plane  
- Have 2 passport pictures (4 x 6 cm)  for visa application when you arrival in Vietnam  
- Have USD in cash for paying the visa stamping fee

Approval Code Visa:
When  it is approved, we send you an email with an attached  copy of the approval letter. It is better for you to print it out and keep it together with your documents when you apply for the visa at the Vietnamese embassy or consulate.

What you need while applying for a visa at an embassy/consulate:    
* Passport valid at least 6 months beyond your return date    
* Visa application form (found at the Embassy/Consulate)
* Two passport pictures
* Visa fee: in a range of US - 0 if you apply on the spot at the embassy or US - if your visa has been pre-approved. This fee also depends on the embassy and the type of visa.