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Travel to Sri Lanka with this Sri Lanka Explorer Tour, 24 day tour in Sri Lanka.. Individual Sri Lanka Tour from Pyala Travel.

Sri Lanka Explorer Tour

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Buddhist heritage, cities, safaris and beach!

A complete tour through the quiet paradise of Sri Lanka with plenty of variation: exciting old cities, beautiful temples, a rich colonial heritage and beautiful national parks, where you go in search of wild elephants and leopards by jeep.

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24 days

Sri Lanka Explorer Tour
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Day 1 arrival Colombo, transfer Negombo
Upon arrival you will be met by your driver at the airport. He will drive you to the fishing village of Negombo a few kilometers further north. Located on a lagoon, this is a wonderful place to recover from your flight and to get used to the Sri Lankan way of life, for example on one of the beaches. You have a beautiful view over the water where colorful fishing boats float with huge homemade sails in a characteristic shape.Negombo was in the Golden Age, an important place for the Dutch spice trade, which is still visible in the ruins of an old fort and the Dutch church. It is possible to rent a bike and cycle along the  Dutch canals. Or bike along the lagoons where fishermen catch crab, shrimp and lobster. Sinhalese women sell the freshly caught fish directly on the local market. Do you like fish, then you have found your spot here! Late in the afternoon, you can choose for an (optional) cruise through the lagoon. See how the fishing boats come in, look at village life along the water and enjoy the colorful birds.
Dag 2 Negombo - Anuradhapura / Mihintale
Early in the morning, you visit the fish market Negombo. A colorful event. Fishermen bring their catch ashore. The fish is directly sold on to the traders who in turn sell the fish on the market.You are traveling to the area of the Ancient Cities' of Anuradhapura. Here you can find some of the finest examples of Sri Lankan heritage. Anuradaphura was  the capital of Sri Lanka for a long time. Here you find immense ancient stupas; constructed of brick plastered with whitewash surrounded by ancient temples. The most famous is perhaps the stupa where the collarbone would be of Buddha Sakyamuni from North India. A visit to the oldest Bodhi tree, one of the largest sanctuaries in Sri Lanka is a must! In line with the white-clad pelgims who have come from afar to honor the Bodhi tree. Today or tomorrow you visit temples and stupas of your choice in consultation with your driver. Also visit the ancient stupa in Mihintale, built on a cliff with stunning views of the surrounding area. This place is so famous in Sri Lanka because in this place the then King accepted Buddhism that was passed by the daughter of Indian king Ashok to him.
Day 3 Anuradhapura
Today you make a selection from the many possibilities. There are three architectoniscal sites you can visit namely: stupas, monasteries and secular buildings such as hospitals, palaces and beautiful tanks (pokunas). Pokuna are large water containers for drinking water, essential for the old city. A visit brings you back in time since the city of Arunaradhapura rose omsteeks the third century BC. and flourished until the 11th century AD. The sites thus date back to different times and testify to a rich and highly developed civilization. Check it in search of the beautiful moon rocks at the entrance of a temple, decorated with animals of the zodiac and other symbols.
Day 4 Anuradhapura - Trincomalee
Today you drive three hours to the east coast. You drive through an area dominated by the Tamils and where a few years heavy fighting took place. Now that peace has returned a visit to Trincomalee with its beautiful wide beaches is reinstated. You will stay in a newly opened resort whith a wonderful restaurant, you can walk on the beach, jump in the waves or relax at the beautifully landscaped pool. During the season from here you can watch dolphins and whales! Get informed by your driver. It is also possible to snorkel here. Your driver knows the place if you ask for it.
Day 5 - 6 Trincomalee (Uppuveli)
Near Trincomalee Uppuveli you will find the most beautiful beach on the east coast that stretches for about 6 kilometers. The water is so calm and shallow that you can walk into the Indian Ocean half a kilometers. The next two days you have all the time to laze, swim, and maybe make a trip to Pigeon Island where you can snorkel.
Day 7 Trincomalee - Sigiriya / safari Minneriya
You leave the beach and travel to Sigiriya. In the afternoon (or the day after when agreed upon) you go on safari in the fantastic bird and elephant reserve at Minneriya Habarane. When just after sunrise or just before sunset, the animals come to the waterhole to drink. Depending on the drought and consequently the season, many animals can be seen there. Besides magnificent herds of elephants, you might be able to spot crocodiles, herons, cranes, marabou storks and hornbills, an experience!
Day 8 Sigiriya
There is a lot to do from Sigiriya. You make a choice in consultation with the driver how to implement the program. Today you will visit preferably early in the morning the spectacular fortress of Sigiriya; one of the finest attractions in the country. This fort from the 4th century  is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and  according to the locals, this is the eighth wonder of the world. The cliff rises 200 meters above the surrounding landscape. You walk along a spiral staircase. Halfway you will see the well-preserved wall paintings of the so-called clouds girls. You realize why this rock is nicknamed Lion Rock when you look at the entrance of the palace and see the 3 meter high lion claws. The story tells once a King lived on top of the rock who decided it was a nice place for his palace.
Day 9 Sigiriya / visit Polonnaruwa
Today you will be driven to the ancient royal city of Polonnaruwa where you can rent bikes. You can cycle through this archaeological site with beautiful temples and stupas. Polonnaruwa is beautifully situated on one of the biggest 'tanks', artificial lakes (pokunas) of Sri Lanka. These tanks from the 12th century are quite shallow water reservoirs, that collect the monsoon rains and are used as storage for later irrigation. They are also breeding grounds for many bird species. Polunaruwa was one of the major urban centers of Southeast Asia in the 12th century and an ancient capital of the island. Of course you can also see the most beautiful masterpiece of the area, the group of four sublime Buddha statues, carved from a single piece of granite: Gal Vihare. It is a half hour drive from Sigiriya.
Day 10 Sigiriya – Kandy via Dambulla
En route to Kandy visit Dambulla cave temple. The Sinhalese king Valagam Bahu once fled here when he was chased out of his capital. He was very religious and had five rocks turned into a rock temple and decorated it entirely with images of Buddha. The complex houses murals of well over 2,000 years old. A climb of 150 meters in height brings you to it. Do not forget to stop during the climb to enjoy the beautiful views and observe the playing monkeys.You drive through an area where many different kinds of spices are grown; such as cloves, pepper and nutmeg. During a visit to some 'spice garden "you can get an idea of the growth and processing of a large number of herbs. You will also see different coffee, cocoa and rubber plantations; which also can be visited. Kandy is the second largest city in the country. The Royal City is one of the many UNESCO monuments of Sri Lanka. The main attraction is undoubtedly the Dalada Maligawa, known as the "Temple of the Tooth. Around sunset a ceremony is held in which a Buddha tooth is the centre of attention. The left tooth of Buddha is the most important Buddhist relic of Sri Lanka. Many pilgrims come to Kandy to make a sacrifice in the temple. During the Esala Perahera, the spectacular festival in July or August, many pilgrims come to see the spectacular processions.
Day 11 Kandy / Pinnawela elephantorphanage
At an altitude of 500 meters surrounded by hills Kandy makes for a pleasant place to stay  all year round. You can make some nice walks in the surrounding hills. From Kandy you will visit the elephant orphanage in Pinnawela, where young cast elephants are given a home. At the elephants bathingpool you can help wash these colossal and friendly animals. There is a chance that you may also help in feeding bottled milk to the  youngest elephants. Along the way, you can also visit the Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya, where you can admire, among others, more than 300 orchids. In the evening you can enjoy the many local delicacies and of course the Kandy Dancers, the most famous dancers of the island. The highlight of the show is running over glowing charcoal.
Day 12 Kandy - Nuwara Eliya via teaplantations
In the morning you will travel to Nuwara Eliya. Here  a scenic drive begins through the tea plantations, waterfalls and magnificent views of the green hills. Along the way you visit one of the famous tea plantations where the so renowned Ceylon tea comes from. You travel through a hilly area. Chances are that you will see the colorful tea pickers with their baskets on back to work. Around lunch time you arrive in Nuwara Eliya.
Day 13 Nuwara Eliya / Horton Plains
'City of Light' Nuwara Eliya at an altitude of 2000meters is also called. The typical British buildings create an atmosphere the city has also given the nickname 'Little England'. Here the British retreated to escape the heat of the lowlands. In the area you can still see several old colonial houses, whose red painted post office is the best example. The golf course, the racecourse and the Victoria Park also contribute to the British colonial atmosphere. Due to the height it cools down in the evening; so make a sweater or fleece.It is definitely worth the trip to go from Nuwara Eliya to Horton Plains. You walk  to World's End, located on the desolate plateau of Horton Plains. You can choose from several walks. The longest and hardest walk is 9.5 kilometers (three to four hours) on relatively flat terrain. At one point you will reach a fantastic view to Worlds End and will, at the vertical cliff, have the feeling that you are at the end of the world. Begin the walk as early as possible, because in the course of the day, mist may be generated at Worlds End. Take warm clothing because in the early morning, it sometimes can be very cold here! Often in the morning it is a little foggy, but as the day flourishes thus usually disappear during the day.
Day 14 Nuwara Eliya - train Ella
In the morning, you travel by train to Ella. At the station you will see how to train slowly arrives. The train has reserved seating and allows you without a doubt to get to know the curious locals. What an experience! If you want to show them pictures of your home you will make friends for life . At 09.30 you board at the train station Nanu-oya, a station a few kilometers from Nuwara Eliya. Then a scenic drive starts through the tea plantations, waterfalls and magnificent views of the green hills. Around 13:00 you arrive in the town of Ella, where you stay overnight.
Day 15 Ella
A wonderful day of relaxation staying in the cool mountains. You can make some great walks from Ella town. For instance to Little Adam's Peak through the tea plantations with a beautiful view of the mountains. Whether you walk in the morning on the railtracks! When the train is coming you will hear it in time and step aside. The train only moves slowly so there is no need to be afraid. Several walks are possible around here. Keep you attention: in this area you might just even see a couple of hornbills or bee-eaters fly past!
Day 16 Ella - Yala National Park
You travel to the most famous nature reserve of Sri Lanka; the Yala National Park. But first you make some stops along the way as you wish. You will visit the waterfalls at Ravana (only worth a visit when there is enough water!) And the great temple complex of Kataragama. From far the pilgrims come to make their sacrifice. White-clad pilgrims and Buddhists come here to sacrifice for the immense stupa. The Hindus go to their own Temple of Shiva to smash coconuts for burning the gods. And even a mosque was built to also serve Muslims. It's always busy here! In Karagarama there are 7 huge Buddhas carved into the rocks, a monument built in the 8-10e century. Then transfer to your hotel and you have a choice; all afternoon on safari or stay in the hotel.
Day 17 Yala National Park
The most famous Sri Lankan National Park is an experience! On safari here means searching for Leopards. It's a fantastic savanna-like park divided into 5 zones. Only in one zone at a time game drives are allowed per day. Just after sunrise or before sunset you go into the park by jeep. Your safari will focus on finding leopards! The chance of success is certainly there and certainly not guaranteed. Therefore, it is wise tp also take advantage and try to spot the other wildlife here. Wild buffalo, elephants, crocodiles, many gazelles, wild peacocks, wild chickens, bee-eaters and kingfishers fly around, Fantastic! And a grand adventure for your children! Enthusiasts can book an additional safari or take a trip to the much quieter Bundula park, a paradise for bird watchers
Day 18 Yala - Tangalle
Today you travel to the south coast of Sri Lanka near the town of Tangalle. You leave the central hills and drive through a beautiful area to the south coast. You have time to enjoy the beaches in Tangalle, one of the most beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka. In season not only do people enjoy the beautiful sand, but also turtles that come to lay their eggs on the beach between April and September.
Day 19 Tangalle
Today you stay at the beach. Hiking and swimming, relaxing and enjoying great food. Depending on the time of year, the sea here can be ferocious or quiet. Look out for the fishermen who pull their small boats in the sea to go fishing. They fish  to all types of fish, lobster and shrimp. The quality lobsters that are caught here two days later already are sold on the market in Hong Kong! You'll probably meetlocals on the beach who want to tell all about their habitat and the fish they catch.
Day 20 Tangalle
Another day enjoying the waves, nature and tranquility. Of course it is possible to go to the town of Tangalle or to visit another beach. In the season at Turtle Beach beautiful turtles come on the beach to bury their eggs. If you can it is worth to experience! It's nice to visit a tortoise breeding center somewhere on the south coast off season. Eggs are indeed increasingly excavated and taken to a center to have them safely hatch and assist the vulnerable first four days after birth. Often the eggs otherwise are at the mercy of poachers and wild animals.
Day 21 Tangalle - Galle
You travel to the south coast to Galle. En route visit Weligame, where the famous' stilted fishermen "can be see. Fishermen stand here on stilts in the water to catch their fish.  In galle in 1663 the Dutch built a large fort. The huge building, more like a village, gives a good idea of the power of the VOC in that period. Nowadays it, in almost original condition, lies at the entrance to the Bay of Galle. Within the thick walls, the atmosphere has not changed in over three hundred years, it is also the best preserved fort of Southeast Asia. Dutch names like Grote Kerk, Leynbaan, Utrecht-Bastion, Akersloot Bastion and Clippenberg Bastion recall the time when there was a vibrant herb and spice trade between Ceylon and the Netherlands.
Day 22 Galle
Today you have the whole day to enjoy the fort. Go to the Dutch Reformed church where all Dutch tombstones with inscriptions attest to the fact that once Dutchmen lived here. The museum is around the corner and the strawling through the intimate streets where beautiful villas and beautiful typical houses lie. The Montessori school gives you a warm welcome to come and take a look. At the end of the day it is lovely to walk on the ramparts of the fortress on the seaward side. All the locals do it with you! There are kites and her you can enjoy the sunset.
Day 23 Galle - Colombo
Today you will travel to the capital, Colombo. Visit the bazaar of Pettah, a colorful place filled with shops, street trading, mosques and Hindu temples. The city has been around 600 years and became a major port city in the Portuguese era in the 16th century. The Dutch and British period brought prosperity to the city and now the city breathes this mix of cultures. Look for the Dutch colonial architecture in Catholic churches or Anglican churches. Or close the trip with an afternoon tea and enjoy once more the characteristic Ceylon tea. Usually (depending on the airline, of course) you will be driven to the airport in the evening to take the plane around midnight to go home.
Day 24 departure Colombo

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