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Travel to Sri Lanka with this Nature Trip to Sri Lanka. See the wildlife and National Parks of Sri Lanka. Individual Sri Lanka Tour from Pyala Travel.

Sri Lanka Nature Tour

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Safari tour, countless birds, elephants, leopards, crocodiles!

Above all Sri Lanka is an island with an overwhelming nature. You will find some of the finest nature reserves in Asia. You can look for elephants, leopards, brightly colored kingfishers ...

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Sri Lanka Nature Tour
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Day 1 arrival Colombo, transfer Waikkal
Upon arrival you will be met at the airport and drive to the beach a few kilometers further north at Waikkal. Overnight here in a wonderful location in a charming eco-resort. This resort is located between the beach and the lagoon, surrounded by nature.

Along the way you pass Negombo. Negombo was in the Golden Age, an important place for the Dutch spice trade, which is still visible in the ruins of an old fort and the Dutch church. Take a look at the lagoons where fishermen catch crab, shrimp and lobster. Sinhalese women sell the freshly caught fish directly on the local market. If you like fish, this is the place.
Day 2 Waikkal
Today you will stay in Waikkal where you can do some optional excursions. You can include a guide to discover the nature of the environment of Ranweli. You can take a walk of  two hours along beautiful forest trails. These forests contain over 80 different exotic trees and plants. Similarly, the nipa palm, this is the only palm tree which grows in water. You can also view the surroundings of Ranweli from the water. You can take a river cruise by canoe or motorboat and observe  the unique ecosystem of the area. Many species of birds live here like bee-eaters, water rails, herons and maybe you can spot a water monitor.
Day 3 Waikkal - Anuradhapura
In the morning you leave Waikkal and drive to Anuradhapura. Here you have time to visit this impressive city. Anuradhapura was the first major city in Sri Lanka and was founded about 1,400 years ago. There are many relics of the ancient Lankan civilization found in this city. Anuradhapura, therefore, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Day 4 Anuradhapura
Early in the morning you leave the hotel to make a safari in the Wilpattu National Park. The Wilpattu National Park is the largest nature and wildlife sanctuary in Sri Lanka. The unique thing about this park is that the natural lakes in the park are home to many exotic animals quenching their thirst. The chance to see animals is also very large. The park has a wide variety of animals such as leopards, elephants and bears.

Day 5 Anuradhapura - Sigiriya
You leave Anuradhapura and travel to Sigiriya (Habarana). In the afternoon you go on safari in the fantastic bird and elephant reserve at Minneriya Habarane. Animals com to drink a the drinking pee just after sunrise or just before sunset. Depending on the drought and the season many animals can be seen. Besides magnificent herds of elephants, you might encouter crocodiles, herons, cranes, marabou storks and hornbills, an experience!

Day 6 Sigiriya
There is a lot to do in and around Sigiriya. You make a choice together with the driver how to implement the program. Today you will visit preferably early in the morning the spectacular fortress of Sigiriya; one of the finest attractions in the country. This fort from the 4th century is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and according to the locals, this is the eighth wonder of the world. The cliff rises 200 meters above the surrounding landscape. You walk along a spiral staircase. Halfway you will see the well-preserved wall paintings of the so-called clouds girls. Why the rock  is nicknamed Lion Rock becomes clear when you see the 3 meter high lion claws at the entrance to the palace. According to tradition once a king lived on top of the rock in his palace.
Day 7 Sigiriya - Kandy via Dambulla
En route to Kandy visit Dambulla cave temple. The Sinhalese king Valagam Bahu once fled here when he was chased out of his capital. He was very religious and had five rocks turned into a rock temple and decorated it entirely with images of Buddha. The complex houses murals of well over 2,000 years old. A climb of 150 meters in height brings you to it. Do not forget to stop during the climb to enjoy the beautiful views and observe the playing monkeys.You drive through an area where many different kinds of spices are grown; such as cloves, pepper and nutmeg. During a visit to some 'spice garden "you can get an idea of the growth and processing of a large number of herbs. You will also see different coffee, cocoa and rubber plantations; which also can be visited. Kandy is the second largest city in the country. The Royal City is one of the many UNESCO monuments of Sri Lanka. The main attraction is undoubtedly the Dalada Maligawa, known as the "Temple of the Tooth. Around sunset a ceremony is held in which a Buddha tooth is the centre of attention. The left tooth of Buddha is the most important Buddhist relic of Sri Lanka. Many pilgrims come to Kandy to make a sacrifice in the temple. During the Esala Perahera, the spectacular festival in July or August, many pilgrims come to see the spectacular processions.
Day 8 Kandy / excursion Udawattakele
At an altitude of 500 meters surrounded by hills Kandy makes for a pleasant place to stay  year round. You can make some nice walks in the surrounding hills. I good place to walk ou can also visit the Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya, where you can admire, among others, more than 300 orchids.

In the afternoon visit the ancient forest Udawattekele, located behind the temple Sri Dalada. You will find a huge variety of trees, including banyan trees, cinnamon trees, olive trees. You will also find many birds and butterflies.

In the evening you can enjoy the many local delicacies and of course the Kandy Dancers, the most famous dancers of the island. The highlight of the show is running over glowing charcoal.
Day 9 Kandy - Knuckles
Depart to the Knuckles mountain range. This 1500 meter high mountain range is so named because the peaks look like a clenched fist. A beautifully fog surrounded mountain. Along the way you take a short walk to the (mini) World's End for the panoramic view. Once at the Knuckles you may want to take a longer walk of about 7 kilometers to Corbet's Gap.
Day 10 Knuckles - Kitulgala
In the morning you travel further to Kitulgala. If you like you can enjoy afternoon rafting on the Kelani River near Kitulgala. Obviously  life jackets, helmets and more experienced guides are available.
Day 11 Kitulgala - Nuwara Eliya
In the morning you will travel to Nuwara Eliya. Here  a scenic drive begins through the tea plantations, waterfalls and magnificent views of the green hills. Along the way you visit one of the famous tea plantations where the so renowned Ceylon tea comes from.

'City of Light' Nuwara Eliya at an altitude of 2000meters is also called. The typical British buildings create an atmosphere the city has also given the nickname 'Little England'. Here the British retreated to escape the heat of the lowlands. In the area you can still see several old colonial houses, whose red painted post office is the best example. The golf course, the racecourse and the Victoria Park also contribute to the British colonial atmosphere. Due to the height it cools down in the evening; so make a sweater or fleece

Today you visit a tea factory where you can follow the whole process of tea leavesto tea. Of course you can buy the real Ceylon tea.
Day 12 Nuwara Eliya / excursion Horton Plains en World's End
Today you drivefrom Nuwara Eliya to Horton Plains. You walk  to World's End, located on the desolate plateau of Horton Plains. You can choose from several walks. The longest and hardest walk is 9.5 kilometers (three to four hours) on relatively flat terrain. At one point you will reach a fantastic view to Worlds End and will, at the vertical cliff, have the feeling that you are at the end of the world. Begin the walk as early as possible, because in the course of the day, mist may be generated at Worlds End. Take warm clothing because in the early morning, it sometimes can be very cold here! Often in the morning it is a little foggy, but as the day flourishes thus usually disappear during the day.
Day 13 Nuwara Eliya - train to Ella
In the morning, you travel by train to Ella. At the station you will see how to train slowly arrives. The train has reserved seating and allows you without a doubt to get to know the curious locals. What an experience! If you want to show them pictures of your home you will make friends for life . At 09.30 you board at the train station Nanu-oya, a station a few kilometers from Nuwara Eliya. Then a scenic drive starts through the tea plantations, waterfalls and magnificent views of the green hills. Around 13:00 you arrive in the town of Ella, where you stay overnight.
Day 14 Ella
A wonderful day of relaxation staying in the cool mountains. You can make some great walks from Ella town. For instance to Little Adam's Peak through the tea plantations with a beautiful view of the mountains. Whether you walk in the morning on the railtracks! When the train is coming you will hear it in time and step aside. The train only moves slowly so there is no need to be afraid. Several walks are possible around here. Keep you attention: in this area you might just even see a couple of hornbills or bee-eaters fly past!
Day 16 Ella - Yala National Park
You travel to the most famous nature reserve of Sri Lanka; the Yala National Park. But first you make some stops along the way as you wish. You will visit the waterfalls at Ravana (only worth a visit when there is enough water!) And the great temple complex of Kataragama. From far the pilgrims come to make their sacrifice. White-clad pilgrims and Buddhists come here to sacrifice for the immense stupa. The Hindus go to their own Temple of Shiva to smash coconuts for burning the gods. And even a mosque was built to also serve Muslims. It's always busy here! In Karagarama there are 7 huge Buddhas carved into the rocks, a monument built in the 8-10e century. Then transfer to your hotel and you have a choice; all afternoon on safari or stay in the hotel.
Day 16 Yala / safari Bundula National Park
In the morning you visit Situlpauwa. From this 2200 year old stupa you have a magnificent view of the surrounding area. At Situlpauwa you will find the remains of a large Buddhist complex that is largely overgrown by the jungle. In the afternoon you take a safari through the nature of Bundula. Where in Yala you are surrounded by other jeeps searching for Leopards, in Bundula you often have the park for yourself. It is a wetlands area adjacent to the ocean. You can see many species of water birds, bees birds, raptors, hornbills, as well as crocodiles, deer and elephants.
Day 17 Yala – Sinharaja
You travel to the nature reserve of Sinharaja. This is the largest stretch of pristine rainforest in Sri Lanka.
Day 18 Sinharaja
Today you make a trek through the jungle of Sinharaja. You will find huge forest trees, many reptile species. Also, 90% of the native birds in Sri Lanka live in Sinharaja.
Day 19 Sinharaja - Talalla
Today you travel to Talalla. You leave the central hills and drive through a beautiful area to the south coast. Some time to enjoy Talalla, one of the most beautiful bays in Sri Lanka. It is a small beach but  more than the local fishermen you will not find at this hidden gem of Sri Lanka.
Day 20 Talalla
You have one more day to enjoy yourself on the beach Talalla
Dag 21 Tallala – Colombo via Galle
You travel to the south coast to Galle. En route visit Weligame, where the famous' stilted fishermen "can be see. Fishermen stand here on stilts in the water to catch their fish.  In galle in 1663 the Dutch built a large fort. The huge building, more like a village, gives a good idea of the power of the VOC in that period. Nowadays it, in almost original condition, lies at the entrance to the Bay of Galle. Within the thick walls, the atmosphere has not changed in over three hundred years, it is also the best preserved fort of Southeast Asia. Dutch names like Grote Kerk, Leynbaan, Utrecht-Bastion, Akersloot Bastion and Clippenberg Bastion recall the time when there was a vibrant herb and spice trade between Ceylon and the Netherlands.
Day 22 Colombo
In the morning you can do a city tour through Colombo. After this you go to the airport for your return journey

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