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Why hurry? On this Myanmar trip you will have the time to sit down, relax and enjoy the great scenery of Myanmar, sip a cup of tea, and meet the local people. Individual Myanmar Tour from Pyala Travel.

Myanmar Slow Travel

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Slow Travel in the Land of a Thousand Pagodas

Burma is ideally suited for slow travel. In many places it seems as if time is standing still. On this trip you will have the time to sit down, relax and enjoy the great scenery of Myanmar, sip a cup of tea, and meet the local people.

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Myanmar Slow Travel
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Day 1 Yangon arrival
Today you arrive in Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon. After the customs formalities are completed, you could exchange money and will be transferred to your hotel. Today you can explore Yangon along with an English-speaking guide and private car with driver. Visit the Sule pagoda, located amidst many buildings from the British colonial era. Also, the Chauktatgyi Buddha, a huge reclining Buddha, should not be missed. In the late afternoon you can visit the Shwedagon Pagoda (or Shwedagon Paya, as the Myanmar say), the Golden Glory of Myanmar, an imposing edifice and perhaps one of the most impressive temples in the world. Sunset is the best time to see this impressive monument. By nightfall many townspeople come to the Shwedagon to walk their rounds around the pagoda and meanwhile to meet friends and acquaintances there. It is also very nice to go to the Yangon river and witness the bustling river life with its many ferries.
Day 2 Yangon
Today you have a day for yourself in Yangon. Stroll through the old town and be surprised by the encounters on the street. Sit on a stool and drink a cup of tea or eat some noodle soup. The street life is a world of long ago, but a world that is fast disappearing while Myanmar is slowly being pushed in the march of modern civilization. But fortunately, you can still see a street scene that has already disappeared in many Asian cities. Sit on a bench by the river and see the lively bustle on the water. Ferries come and go from the other side of the river, and large ocean vessels and small fishing boats sail on the river here. Street vendors and rickshaw drivers wait for customers. Experience the real "sitting on the dock of the bay" feel here. In the afternoon, stroll through the famous Bogyoke Market (Scott Market) and go on a shopping spree. (Note: Bogyoke Market is closed on Mondays and public holidays.) Another place to sit for hours is the Shwedagon pagoda, although you may also enjoy a lesser-known pagoda. This religious stronghold is also a social event. To watch  the people, with different activities, walking  in circles, meeting, praying, and exchanging the latest news is a novel experience! It is an oasis of serenity in the bustle of the surrounding city.
Day 3 Yangon - Inle Lake
A short flight takes you to Heho, from where you can access the Shan State. A few hours drive from Heho will take you to Nyaungshwe, a town located on the northern shore of Inle Lake. Along the way you take a scenic drive through the countryside and the Shan hills. This is one of the traditional agricultural areas of Burma (Myanmar) where you also see many rice fields, corn fields and farmers with ox-carts along the roadside. Nyaung Shwe is a relaxing place and base to explore the area. You can stroll through the market, bike through the countryside, and take boat trips across the lake. In the town itself you can visit some monasteries, a market, and there are many restaurants and shops.
Day 4 Inle lake
Today is a free day to enjoy the beautiful lake. We definitely recommend that you book a day trip to explore the lake, the villages, monasteries and floating markets by boat. In the towns around the lake you will also find a large rotating market place, and should one of the market days occur when you are there, you can see such a market, where many mountain peoples come down to visit.
Day 5 Inle lake
Inle Lake and the beautiful surrounding area invite long walks and bike rides, but you are also encouraged to rent a boat and ask your boatman not to sail the famous route, but to the less-visited areas, and enjoy the rustic lake in this way.
Day 6 Inle Lake - Pindaya
Today you travel to the sleepy village of Pindaya, situated in the dusty hills of Shan state. This is an ideal place for "traveling without haste." Stroll through the town to the market, and hike in the surrounding countryside.  
In Pindaya, you can also visit the beautiful Pindaya caves with thousands of Buddha Images.
Day 7 Pindaya
Today you can walk through the surrounding area and discover how quickly you can feel like you're half a century back in time, here in the countryside around Pindaya. You'll see small villages where the water comes from the well, and goods are still hand crafted and transported by oxcart. Rest in the shade of a tree and enjoy the surroundings.
Day 8 Pindaya - Kalaw
It's not a long drive to Kalaw. This town was originally founded as a British hill station and is at approximately 1300 meters of elevation. It is a nice town and it is worth visiting the market. In Kalaw you can also find many British colonial houses. In addition, Kalaw also a large Indian community and you will find Hindu and Sikh temples. There is a small, bustling market that happens once in 5 days which many Palaung and Pa 'O peoples visit.
Day 9 Kalaw
Today you have a free day in Kalaw. The fresh, hilly area around Kalaw invites hikes. You can take a short walk or choose one our walking tours. In addition, you will visit some villages of the Palaung and Pa'o tribes.
Day 10 Kalaw - Bagan
A long journey of a full day's drive brings you to Bagan. Along the way you experience overland traveling through Myanmar. Occasionally you'll take a break in a tea house or a local restaurant. You can see classic sights like monks walking under an umbrella, children playing in the river, or a man plowing the land.
Day 11 Bagan
Bagan is undoubtedly Myanmar's most famous attraction, and rightly so;
it is one of the most beautiful temple complexes in the world. On the eastern bank of Ayeyarwaddy River, you will find an area of 40 square kilometers covering with endless temples, pagodas and monasteries built between the 11th and 13th centuries. It is an enchanting experience to climb one of the temples during sunrise or sunset and look out over the landscape. As far as your eyes, you see temples scattered across the plain where farmers with their herds between wander. Bagan is best explored by bicycle or horse cart. Because of the vast scattering of the religious edifices you will have to choose which temples to visit. Note that like all temples in Myanmar – you can only enter barefoot. The warm periods may mean that the stone floors piping hot by the sun. It pays to be early in the day or at the end of the afternoon to visit the temples. We recommend that you use the first day to book a tour along the most famous temples, the second day you can explore the property further on your own.
Day 12 Bagan
Today is a free day to explore the Bagan temples. Explore on a bicycle, or do you prefer a horse cart? You can also explore the Ayeyarwaddy shore or stroll through the villages.
Day 13 Bagan - Pyay via Mt. Popa
A long but beautiful day trip takes you to Pyay, also known as Prome. Before you arrive in this ancient Pyu kingdom, you will visit the holy Mt. Popa: one of the most important religious sites of Myanmar and is known as “the Olympus of Myanmar” since it is believed that Popa is the home of 37 nats (spirits). The nats are a typical Myanmar phenomenon and you see them everywhere. In many temples, sacrifices are made in the nat-shrine, a kind of age-old local belief mixed with Buddhism. Mt. Popa is a popular place for local pilgrims. At the end of the day you arrive in Pyay after a long day of driving on a rough, dusty road.
Day 14 Pyay visit Akauk mountain
Today you have a whole day to explore this ancient city. Pyay, situated on the eastern bank of the Ayeyarwaddy River, is another typical Myanmar town where time seems to stand still. Pyay is better known for Srikhestra, an old Pyu capital at 8 km south east of Pyay, which attained its height of prosperity between the 5th and 9th centuries A.D. Srikhestra has been recognized as a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in mid 2014. Here you will find some of the oldest pagodas in the country, the Babawgyi and Bebe pagodas. However, the most famous building is the Shwesandaw pagoda, one of the largest in the country. According to tradition, there are a few hairs of the Buddha himself here! If time permits, you should definitely try the market and local rice noodle for which Pyay is famous for.

Today also you drive from Pyay to Htonebo village where you will take a short boat ride to reach Akauk Mountain.  From the boat, the view of hundreds of Buddha images curved on its cliff is marvelous. You can take a short trek up to the cliff to view see the carvings and panoramic view of the river. 
Day 15 Pyay - Pathein
Slowly you leave the dusty, desolate surroundings of Pyay behind you and drive you into the fertile Ayeyarwaddy delta. Here the Ayeyarwaddy flows through many branches to the sea and creates a fertile river delta, the rice bowl of the whole country. You will spend the night in the sleepy town of Pathein, known for its distinctive umbrellas made of paper and bamboo. In the evening you should visit the bustling night market. Haven't had enough of pagodas? The main attraction in Pathein is the Shwemoktaw pagoda.
Day 16 Pathein - Ngwe Saung
Today, you are heading for the beautiful beach of Ngwe Saung. You can relax under a palm tree, go for a swim, take a long walk on the beach, or watch the fishermen bring in the catch of the day.
Day 17 Ngwe Saung
Treat yourself with total relaxation on the beautiful beach of Ngwe Saung.
Day 18 Ngwe Saung - Yangon
Today you return to Yangon. Visit one of the pagodas, stroll through the street side food stalls along the Strand Road (Kannar Road), or have a cup of tea and some snacks at a local tea shop.
Day 19 departure Yangon

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