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With Pyala Travel, you can embark on an adventurous hill tribe tour! Visit the tattooed women, the Chin and people around Kengtung in the Golden Triangle.

Myanmar hill tribe tour

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walk in Golden Triangle, meet the tattooed faces of the Chin

In Myanmar, you will find many traditional hill tribes. Because of the isolation of the country there are very traditional societies here. On this trip you will visit the people around Kengtung and the tattooed women of the Chin in the west.

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16 days

Myanmar hill tribe tour
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Explore the Golden Triangle and meet the Chin
Myanmar is not only known for its many temples and pagodas, but also for the great variety of people. Obviously, you visit the former capital Yangon with its famous Shwedagon Pagoda and the magnificent temple complex of Bagan (one of the finest in the world). However, the focus of this trip is touring to the many hill tribes in Myanmar. These traditional people mainly live around the borders with China, Laos, Thailand, and India. Because of the isolation of the country and the fact that parts of these areas have not been accessible to foreigners for decades, you will still find very traditional societies there. On this trip you will visit several of these areas, including the Golden Triangle around Kengtung and the Chin state.

You travel in small international groups (4-10 persons). Of course you can request a private tour as well.

Departure Dates 2021
Due to Covid-19, this tour can not be operated this year. Hopefully we can in 2022!
Myanmar Hill Tribe Tour (16 days / 15 nights)
Day 1 Arrival Yangon
Day 2 Yangon - Kengtung (Kyaing Tong)
Day 3 Kengtung, trekking villages
Day 4 Kentung, trekking villages
Day 5 Kengtung - Inle Lake
Day 6 Inle Lake
Day 7 Inle Lake - Kalaw
Day 8 Kalaw
Day 9 Kalaw - Bagan
Day 10 Bagan
Day 11 Bagan - Kanpetlet (Chin state)
Day 12 Kanpetlet
Day 13 Kanpetlet - Mindut
Day 14 Mindut - Bagan
Day 15 Bagan - Yangon
Day 16 Departure Yangon

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Hi, I am Ohnmar, your local travel agent.
Discover myanmar with me!

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