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Travel to Erdene Zuu and Tuvkhun monasteries in Mongolia and explore the Khustai National Park and Khogno Khaan mountains.

Mongolia in one week

private tour

Short Trip through National parks and Erdene Zuu monastery

This is a longer trip from Ulan Bator to get acquainted with the Mongolian people and countryside. You visit the Khogno Kaan mountains where there are ruins of ancient monasteries and you will meet the nomads of Mongolia.

from 1100,-
6 days

Mongolia in one week
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Day 1 Ulan Bator - Khogno Khaan mountains
From Ulan Bator you travel to the Khogno Khaan Mountains. Here you will see the semi-desert landscape that is home to wolves, hawks and ibex. There are also the  remains of ancient Buddhist monasteries. Along the way you drive through a typical, beautiful Mongolian landscape of endless grassy plains and rolling hills where nomads have made camp and where you can see herds of yaks, horses, goats and sheep grazing.
Day 2 Khogno Khaan - Tsenkher via Kharkorin 
Today you will travel to the hot springs at Tsenker. Along the way you first visit one of the cultural highlights of Mongolia, Kharkorin. Kharkorin, the ancient capital of the Mongol Empire, is better known as Karakorum. The city was built in 1235 and was the capital of the famous Mongol Empire until Kublai Khan moved the capital to Beijing. Kharkorin is located in the Orkhon Valley, the heart of Mongolian culture. The city itself is doesn’t have much to see, but we can visit the famous Erdene Zuu Monastery, the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. You will then travel to a ger camp at Tsenker where you can relax in the natural hot springs.
Day 3 Tsenkher - Tuvkhun Khiid
One of the most beautifully-situated monasteries in Mongolia is that of Tuvkhun Khiid. This important pilgrimage site was founded in 1653 by the monk Zanabazar. Around the monastery there are several temples and hermitages. The monastery is located in the beautiful Khangai Nuruu National Park.
Day 4 Tuvkhun - Khustai National Park
Today you will travel to the Khustai National Park. This park is home to the endangered Przewalski horse, the only remaining species of truly wild horse in the world. They are also called Takhi horses. They had become extinct in the wild in the 1960’s, but in 1992, 15 horses were brought from western zoos and released in their natural habitat. Today there are some 250 horses in the park. There are other wild animals that can be found here, as well, including gazelles , wolves, deer, and many bird species. There are also many nomads living in the park, and you can get acquainted with their lifestyle. You can also find Turkish tombstones that are over a thousand years old. Tonight you will spend the night in a ger camp.
Day 5 Khustai - Ulan Bator
Today you return to the Mongolian capital, Ulan Bator. Here you can visit  the central Sukhbaatar Square, the Museum of National History, and the main monastery of the country, the Gandan Monastery. This monastery, known locally as Gandantegchilin, is the only monastery that continued to function under Soviet rule, although it was primarily a museum. Since 1990 it has regained its religious function.
Day 6 departure Ulan Bator

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Hi, I am Purevjav Tserendendev , your local travel agent.
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