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Join-In Tour to the Golden Eagle Festival in Western Mongolia. See the Kazakh Eagle Hunters in the great Altai mountains.

Golden Eagle Festival Tour

join-in tour

Eagle Hunters in Mongolian Altai

Visit the last of the Kazakh Eagle hunters in the Mongolian Altai Mountains. This Golden Eagle Festivals offers great opportunities for photographers. A once -in-a-life-time experience.

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7 days

Golden Eagle Festival Tour
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Golden Eagle Festival in Altai, western Mongolia
Visit to Khazakh family, in their colorful gers 
Meeting with eagle hunters 
Eagle hunting festival

Travel to Mongolia and enjoy the Golden Eagle Festival in the Altai mountains with us! For last few years, local Kazakh people who lives in Bayan-Ulgii province, organize an important celebration for the benefits of next generation local community and international falconry. Eagle Hunting Festival, a colorful and picturesque event attracting the best hunters and birds in early October. The Golden Eagle Festival became one of the main events to captivate photographers, researchers and travelers to Mongolia.
The highlight of the trip takes place near the Ulgii, capital of Bayan-Ulgii province in western Mongolia. Ninety percent of the population here is Kazakh, a group that is renowned for its hunter’s extraordinary skills in using golden eagles to hunt for small prey animals. During these 2 days of Eagle Festival you will attend opening ceremony and many different competitions between Eagle hunters and their trained eagles, special performance of Kazakh dance and songs.

You travel in small international groups. Of course you can request a private tour as well.

Departure Date 2021
Due to Covid-19, this tour can not be operated this year. Hopefully we can in 2022!
Golden Eagle Festival Tour (8 days / 7 nights)
Day 1 arrival Ulaan Bataar
Day 2 Ulaan Bataar - Terelj
Day 3 flight to Ulgii
Day 4 Ulgii / Golden Eagle Festival
Day 5 Ulgii / Golden Eagle Festival
Day 6 Ulgii - ULaan Bataar
Day 7 depart

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Hi, I am Purevjav Tserendendev , your local travel agent.
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Hi, I am Purevjav Tserendendev , your local travel agent.
Discover mongolia with me!

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