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Join our tour to great festivals in Mongolia during winter time. Great scenery. Ideal for photographers. Golden Eagle and Ice Festival.

Mongolia Winter Festival Tour

join-in tour

Ice Festival and Golden Eagle Festival

Wonderful Tour with great winter landscapes in Mongolia. You visit 2 festivals, Golden Eagle Festival and Ice Festival. Great opportunity for photographers!

from 1100,-
6 days

Mongolia Winter Festival Tour
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Golden Eagle and Ice Festival in Mongolia
Ice Festival at lake Khovsgul 
Golden Eagle Festival in capital city
Nomad family visits
Mongolian winter experiences

Travel to Mongolia in winter? Yes, that's possible! Of course it's bloody cold, but the scenery is wonderful. And the month of March is a time of festivals! This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in the festivities of local communities in Mongolia. Not organized for 'tourists', these local events are put on by communities for their own amusement, but visitors are always welcome.

You travel in small international groups. Of course you can request a private tour as well.

Departure Date 2021
Due to Covid-19, this tour can not be operated this year. Hopefully we can in 2022!
Winter Festival Tour (6 days / 6 nights)
Day 1 Arrival Ulaan Bataar
Day 2 Ulaan Bataar - Murun / transfer Khovsgol Lake
Day 3 Khovsgol / Ice Festival
Day 4 Ice Festival / flight back to Ulaan Bataar
Day 5 Ulaan Bataar / Golden Eagle Festival
Day 6 depart Ulaan Bataar

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Hi, I am Purevjav Tserendendev , your local travel agent.
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Hi, I am Purevjav Tserendendev , your local travel agent.
Discover mongolia with me!

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