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Unique Experience! Celebrate Mongolian New Year in the cold winter months with local families. Fantastic winterscenery. Travel in small international groups.

New Year Festival Tour

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Celebrate Tsagaan-sar with local families

Celebrate the Mongolian New Year in the cold winter months, a unique experience. Fantastic scenery and warm contacts with local families.

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7 days

New Year Festival Tour
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Celebrate Tsagaan-Sar in Mongolia
Lunar New Year
Visit to Nomad Family 
Making Mongolian Traditional Food
Winter Horse Racing

Have a wonderful experience and celebrate the Mongolian New Year, locally known as Tsgaan Sar.
Tsagaan Sar is a family festival, which is celebrated on the first day of the Lunar new year to put some cheer in the endless winter months and mark the beginning of spring. This could be any date from late January to early March depending on Lunar calendar. The celebration happens over several days, with feasting on the night of the new moon. Everyone dresses in their best clothes to visit family members. Throughout the ages the festival has been celebrated in the traditional way - family ties are renewed and in particular it is a time to honor the elderly. As a sign of respect the younder adults greet their elders in a certain way, with a special arm-hold embrace, which symbolises both support and esteem. The gesture is accompanied by the exchange of a ceremonial pale blue or white silk scarf. Gifts are usually given and received with both hands.Whole carcasses of a fat lamb are cooked in advance, and there is lot of food including steamed dumplings, fermented milk,vodka, milk tea, salads and sweets.Traditionally after lon bouts of festing , the mongols settle down to hours of story – telling and wisdom sayings, and in this way, oral histories have been passed on from one generation to the next.

You will travel in small international groups. 

Departure Date 2021
Due to Covid-19, this tour can not be operated this year. Hopefully we can in 2022!
New Year Festival Tour (7 days / 6 nights)
Day 1 arrival Ulaan Bataar
Day 2 Ulaan Bataar / New Years Eve
Day 3 Ulaan Bataar / Tsagaan Sar
Day 4 ULaan Bataar - Hustai National Park
Day 5 Hustai - Terelj
Day 6 Terelj - Hustai
Day 7 depart

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Hi, I am Purevjav Tserendendev , your local travel agent.
Discover mongolia with me!

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Hi, I am Purevjav Tserendendev , your local travel agent.
Discover mongolia with me!

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