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Foreign nationals who wish to enter or stay in Mongolia must obtain visas of appropriate classification corresponding to the purpose of their visit. Nationals of those countries which have visa exemption agreements with Mongolia are exempted from visa requirements to the extent allowed by such agreements on reciprocal basis. For more information, please see “LIST OF VISA FREE COUNTRIES”.   

Depending on purpose of a visit, following classes of visas are issued: 
1. Diplomatic visa (D) for a foreign national holding a diplomatic passport, or UN staff or senior official holding red laissez-passer; 
2. Official visa (A) for: • foreign national holding an official passport, UN or its specialized agency’s staff and senior official holding blue laissez-passer who is to visit on official business, or those holding ordinary passports who are to visit under the auspices of international organizations and family members of these people; • foreign national holding either an official or ordinary passport who is to visit at the invitation of governmental or municipal organizations or political parties having seats in the Parliament; • foreign national holding either an official or ordinary passport who is to work in the country under an intergovernmental agreement scheme; • A journalist of a foreign government or international media organization holding either an official or ordinary passport; 
3. Investor visa (T) for a foreign investor or senior official who is to work at the management level of a foreign invested entity, its' branch or representative office; 
4. (O) visa for a foreign national who is to visit under the auspices of non-governmental organizations or international humanitarian organizations; 
5. Business visa (B) for a foreign national who is to visit for business purpose; 
6. Student visa (S) for a foreign national who is to study, to pursue higher education or to exercise vocational training, scientific research and study; 
7. Tourist visa (J) for a foreign national who is to visit as a tourist irrespective of his/her passport type; 
8. Employment visa (HG) for a foreign national who is to work under employment contract scheme irrespective of his/her passport type; 
9. (SH) visa for a foreign national who is to visit or to stay in the country under the auspices of religious organization; 
10. (TS) visa for an emigrant who holds migrant permission; 
11. (H) visa for a foreign national whose family member is already residing in the country for a private purpose or who is to visit for private purpose. 

Designation, validity term, duration of stay, and number of entries of visa is all different depending on class of a visa. 

Based on an intended use of a visa or in other word, designation, there are “entry”, “exit-entry” and “transit” visas. In general, everyone travelling less than 90 days is considered as a temporary visitor whereas those staying more than 90 days for either private or official purpose are considered as foreign residents. Private purposes include study, employment, investment, family-related stay, and other private businesses. Foreign diplomats, UN staffs, those of intergovernmental organizations and media people who are coming to work in their respective organizations in Mongolia more than 90 days and their family members are considered foreign residents for official purposes. An Entry visa is issued for temporary visitors, residents for official and private purpose; exit-entry visa is for resident for official and private purpose those leaving Mongolia temporary with the intent to return; and transit visa is for those transiting through the territory of Mongolia. 

Validity term of a visa, the length of time you are permitted to travel to Mongolia from the visa-issued date ranges between 90 days to one year depending on a number of entries of visa and so does duration or length of stay. Visa may be issued with single, double and multiple entries based on purpose of a visit and applicant’s choice. Duration of stay for entry visa with either single or double entries is up to 90 days, for entry visa with multiple entries for temporary visitors is 30 days and transit visa with single or double entries is 10 days. For instance, entry visa for temporary visitors is valid for 90 days with 30 day duration of stay. 

Should you have any further question or clarification, please contact us at +976-51-262503, +976-51-262410 or by e-mail at Important note: A foreign national staying more than 30 days in Mongolia must register with the General Authority of Citizenship and Migration of Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar or its local branches within 7 business days of arriving in Mongolia. For more information, please visit the website of the authority:

List of visa free countries

? Country          Duration of stay  Visa exemption Agreement
1 Belarus         Up to 90 days        2013.09.04
2 Brazil            Up to 90 days        2015.09.21
3 Hong Kong   Up to 14 days        1998.06.18
 4 Israel            Up to 30 days        1996.03.12
5 Kazakhstan  Up to 90 days        1994.12.02
6 Kyrgyzstan   Up to 90 days        1999.12.04
7 Cuba            Up to 30 days         2001.10.08
8 Macau          Up to 90 days         2004.07.03
9 Malaysia       Up to 30 days        1994.06.06
10 Singapore   Up to 14 days        1990.03.09
11 Ukraine       Up to 90 days            –
12 Philippines  Up to 21 days        1994.05.13
13 Turkey        Up to 30 days         2013.10.10
14 Laos           Up to 30 days         2007.10.14
15 Thailand     Up to 30 days         2008.01.13
16 Serbia         Up to 90 days        2013.11.08
17 Russia        Up to 30 days        2014.09.03
 18 USA            Up to 90 days        2001.07.06
 19  Japan        Up to 30 days        2010.03.24
20  Canada     Up to 30 days        2013.10.12
21  Germany   Up to 30 days        2013.05.30
22 Indonesia   Up to 30 days        2016.03.22 
 23 Argentina   Up to 90 days        2018.02.19