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Adventurous Borneo

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Multi-Day Treks & Jungle Expeditions

This program consists of multiple tough treks and jungle expeditions into the hinterland of Malaysian Borneo. This program brings the traveler to places where not many others go, places still untouched by humans.

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14 days

Adventurous Borneo
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Malaysian Borneo - Extraordinary Trekking Adventure
During this adventurous and tough trip, you will combine the best trekking destinations in Sarawak & Sabah. The trip starts off with a 5 day trip to Batang Ai, a well known orangutan habitat area. During these days you will spend time trekking through the jungle in search of the red-haired ape. Upon return to Kuching you will visit the Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre before flying to Miri: the gateway to Northern Sarawak. From here you will fly to Ba'Kelalan, a Kelabit settlement in the northern tip of Sarawak, not far from the Indonesian border. From this hamlet, you will trek and conquer the state's highest peak, Mount Murud. From Ba'Kelalan you will fly to the small town of Lawas, from where you will be picked up for the final expedition to Long Pasia in the state of Sabah. Here you will experience the jungle with multiple waterfalls and friendly people.

Most of your accommodation is basic and prepare to sleep with only the jungle surrounding you. This program is not for the faint-hearted. Many kilometers and hours are spent trekking to the less explored corners of the majestic Borneo.

It is highly advised to add-on a few days at the beach near Kota Kinabalu before flying back home.

You travel in small international groups. Of course you can request a private tour as well.

Departure Dates 2021
Due to Covid-19, this tour can not be operated this year. Hopefully we can in 2022!
Summarised Itinerary - Adventurous Borneo (16D15N)
Day 1 Arrival Kuching
Day 2 Kuching - Batang Ai
Day 3 Batang Ai
Day 4 Batang Ai
Day 5 Batang Ai
Day 6 Batang Ai - Kuching
Day 7 Kuching - Semenggoh Orangutan - Miri
Day 8 Miri - Ba'Kelalan
Day 9 Ba'Kelalan - Lepo Bunga - Church Camp
Day 10 Church Camp - Mt. Murud Summit - Church Camp
Day 11 Church Camp - Ba'Kelalan
Day 12 Ba'Kelalan - Lawas
Day 13 Lawas -  Long Pasia
Day 14 Long Pasia - Rekong Waterfall - Maga Camp
Day 15 Maga Campsite
Day 16 Maga Campsite - Long Pasio - Kota Kinabalu

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Hi, I am Nick Jansen, your local travel agent.
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