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Ladakh Travel Blog

Here you find travel articles of our Pyala travelers who visited the Indian Himalaya before you!
The hidden Spiti Valley

One of the most beautiful valleys in the Indian Himalayas is inaccessible Spiti . There is no airport , the Kunzum La pass is only a few months per year available , oso you will find a valley that large parts of the year can not be reached and therefore has managed to keep its traditional culture well . A Tibetan Buddhist reads based culture with some of the most extraordinary monasteries across the Himalayas. One of the oldest monasteries the Tabo Monastery, famous for its unique wall paintings. But don't forget the spectacular monastery Dhankar and the beautiful Ki Monastery.
Great views from Almora

In the Uttarakhand region, you will find the hill station of Almora , beautifully situated on a ridge. Here are views of mountain peaks of the Himalayas with the famous peak Nanda Devi. Almora itself is still not very high, in the foothills of the Himalayas and you can make lovely walks through Kumaon. Traditional villages, natural parks and sacred Hindu temples will be visisble during these walks . 
Almora itself is just a night train from Delhi, also an ideal extension to any trip to India to enjoy the peace and coolness of the mountains. Of course it can also be used to explore the rest of Uttarakhand.