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Kyrgyzstan, the Switzerland of Central Asia

Kyrgyzstan Travel Information | Kyrgyzstan Country Information

Kyrgyzstan is a country which is comfortably located between the Uzbek deserts, Kazakh steppes, Tajikistan and Western China. Along the whole territory of Kyrgyzstan the grand Tien Shan and the Pamirs run, with their mountain systems and such well-known highest world peaks as Peak Pobeda (7439 m.), Lenin Peak (7134 m.).These grand mountains have turned Kyrgyzstan into the land of the glaciers untouched by the hot Asian sun, noisy mountain rivers and brisk streamlets, huge snow fields rich in the flowers of Alpine meadows, and magnificent, fertile valleys. 

The capital of Kyrgyzstan is Bishkek, which is not only an administrative but cultural and educational center as well. The population of Bishkek is about 1 million people while the population of the whole Kyrgyzstan doesn’t exceed 4.7 million people. 

At the modern stage of the development of Kyrgyzstan and Bishkek, as the country’s towns developing more actively, the following kinds of Kyrgyzstan tourism are singled out: rock mountaineering, tracking programs, downhill skiing, sport hunting, fishing, gathering of medicinal herbs, excursion and educational routes along the south and north of the Republic with the rest on the Issyk Kul lake and in the mountains. Besides ethnographic Kyrgyzstan tourism (ski-tours, speleo treatment of bronchial asthma and other diseases of respiratory tracts in the caves "Big Salt" in the Chuyskaya valley and “Chon-Tuz” near Kochkor), highland treatment at Tuya Ashu, hunting in hunt farms, fishing, mountaineering, tracking, gatherings of medicinal herbs and mountain berries, collecting of minerals and so on. 

Yet the tourism in Kyrgyzstan is ideal for those tourists who undertake a journey, first of all, to gain new knowledge of the history and culture of the nations, to get impressions meeting new people. On its territory there are more than five thousand historical and cultural monuments of the past long ago times and nations. It is the history of Kyrgyzstan itself. 

The first city all Kyrgyzstan’s tourists visit is Bishkek, in which the main traffic centres are concentrated – railroad, an airport and motorways. The tourism in Kyrgyztan is popular enough and well-wishing people, comfortable hotels and tasty national food will glad anyKyrgyzstan’s visitor.