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Kazakhstan Highlights Tour. This one week individual tour to Kazakhstan shows you all highlights in just one week. This tour can be tailor made to your wishes by Pyala Travel.

Classical Kazakhstan

private tour

Almaty - Shymkent - Turkestan - Aksu Jabagly - Nur Sultan

Travel to Kazakhstan and travel from the former capital Almaty, to the new Nur Sultan. Visit ancient ruins, sites of the Silk Road and hike in the mountains. This individual Kazakhstan tour can be completely tailor-made to your wishes.

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8 days

Classical Kazakhstan
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Day 1. Almaty sightseeing tour.
Upon arrival meeting with your guide at the airport and transfer to the hotel.
Have a rest.
After lunch start Almaty sightseeing tour. Almaty may have lost its status as capital of Kazakhstan, but it remains the country’s first city, cultural, educational, tourist and business capital and main transport hub. This beautiful town at the foot of the emerald Tian-Shan Mountains is rightly called a garden city. We also will see Central Museum with Ethnographic and Archaeological departments and we will see the Independence Monument in Republic Square. After excursion we drive back to the hotel.

Day 2. Almaty city – Issyk Kurgan – Almaty city. Flight to Shymkent city. (100 km).
In the morning we start driving to Issyk architectural complex. 50 km of the way and we visit famous mound and museum.

The Issyk kurgan, in south-eastern Kazakhstan, near Issyk Lake, is a burial mound discovered in 1969. It has a height of six meters and a circumference of sixty meters. It is dated to the 4th or 3rd century BC. Situated in eastern Scythia just north of Sogdiana, the kurgan contained a skeleton, warrior's equipment, and assorted funerary goods, including 4,000 gold ornaments. Although the sex of the skeleton is uncertain, it may have been an 18-year-old Saka (Scythian) prince or princess.

Afternoon transfer back to Almaty city. Half day city tour.

Visit Park of 28 Panfilov’s fighters, Zenkov Cathedral and War Memorial complex. At the same area we will see National Instruments museum and get acquaint with local traditional music.
Then transfer to Green Bazaar, walking around, spending time till the evening flight to Shymkent city (subject to change).

Upon arrival to Shymkent city, transfer to hotel. Rest.
Day 3. Shymkent city - Otrar settlements – Turkestan town – Shymkent city. (420 km).
Breakfast at the hotel. Departure to Otrar Region. Sightseeing at Local History Museum "Otyrar", Arystan- Bab Mausoleum (teacher and spiritual mentor of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi), and archaeological site of the ancient settlement of Otrar.

Otrar is the city where medieval philosopher and scientist Al-Farabi was born and lived. Otrar
settlement was founded in IV century BC. This center of trade and craftsmanship was the main point of the caravan routes between Eastern Europe and China. In the late XIII century Mongolian troops razed the city to the ground. But, despite the catastrophic devastation, Otrar risen from the ashes and in a relatively short time economically developed. The remains of the citadel and other large buildings, as well as the main gate and rabad, covering an area of about 10 square kilometers, have survived to the present days.

Transfer to Turkestan. Sightseeing at "Azret-Sultan" historical and architectural complex, Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi,
Turkestan ancient settlement, Necropolis, a fragment of the fortress wall, citadel with gates, Hammam, Hilvet underground mosque. Turkestan was founded around 500 AD at the crossroads of caravan routes from Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva in northern Kazakhstan. The city was known as the spiritual and political center of the Turkic-speaking people in the XVI-XVIII centuries, and was the capital of the Kazakh Khanate. Turkestan has gained wide international reputation due to preaching activity of the famous Sufi sheikh and philosopher Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, who was buried in a small mausoleum here in 1166. Transfer to Shymkent (170 km). Accommodation in a hotel. Rest.
Day 4. Shymkent city – Sairam village – Aksu Jabagly Natural Park (105 km).
Transfer to Sairam Settlement (160 km). Sightseeing at Ibrahim-Ata Mausoleum, Karashash-Ana Mausoleum, and medieval minaret.

Sairam Settlement is located near Shymkent, at the place of Ispidzhab - one of the largest centers of the
Great Silk Road in the Middle Ages. It was first mentioned in Chinese manuscripts of the year 629. In the XIII century it gets a new name - Sairam. The settlement keeps the remains of buildings of XIII-IXX centuries. But this is not the only reason of Sairam's fame, it is also known as the birthplace of the great enlightener of XII century - Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. Mausoleums of his father and mother, Ibrahim-Ata and Karashash-Ana, are also located here. Transfer to the foot of Kazygurt mountains. Sightseeing at Kamekalgan sacred place, Kazygurt mountain, "Noah's Ark", sanctifying rocks "Adam and Eve", stone statues of animals, the magic stone "Dastarkhan".

Continue drive to Asku Jabagly NP. Accommodation. Free time walking around the natural park.
Dinner and overnight.

Day 5. Aksu Jabagly Natural Park – Shymkent city. Flight to Nur Sultan. (105 km).
Today we have half day to explore Aksu Jabagly.

Founded in 1926, the reserve is situated in the Western Tien Shan Mountains at elevations from 1100 to 4236 meters. There is spectacular scenery like the Aksu Gorge where you can walk down to the river. The Park contains a rich flora, of which 57 species are recorded in the Red Data Book for Kazakhstan. (The tulips of Holland originated from this region!) There are 52 species of mammals including "stars" like the snow leopard and the bear as well as ibex, argali (mountain sheep) and marmot. Rare and endangered birds include the golden eagle, Eurasian eagle owl and the Himalayan griffon vulture.

Afternoon transfer back to Shymkent city. Evening transfer to the airport. Night flight to Astana city. KC 342 (Every day) CIT - TSE D 2245 – A 0035+1

Upon arrival accommodation in a hotel. Rest.

Day 6. Nur Sultan
Full day sightseeing tour in Nur Sultan (formerly Astana).

To understand this wonderful city you have to take a look at it through the prism of time. The tour starts with visiting historical center of the city. You will see the Constitution Square, where the president of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev announced the decision of transferring the capital of the country from Almaty to Astana.

You will make a step back in time while visiting one of the
most beautiful buildings in the city's architecture - Presidential Centre of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. At the museum you will see the Golden man, well known not only in the Kazakh steppe but also in all Central Asia. In order to better understand today’s life of the city, you will enter the largest and unique shopping center Khan Shatyr.

Then you take the elevator to the top of the “Astana-Baiterek” monument, where you can admire the magnificent panorama of the Kazakhstan capital from the special observation deck. After lunch in one of the capital's restaurants and crossing Ishym river, you will get to the Kazakh Eli Square. There you will visit another unique project - the Palace of Peace and Accord, and also see the extraordinary beauty of Khazret Sultan mosque. Final point of the excursion will be the Palace of Independence, where you can look at the far-reaching plans of the development of Astana in the hall "Layout Astana until 2030". Thus, having made the way from the past to the future through the present, you will understand the fate of this unique city - the pride of modern Kazakhstan.

Return to the hotel.
Overnight in the hotel.

Day 7. Nur Sultan / excursion ALZHYR
Today excursion to ALZHIR camp.

In this camp there were the wives with the mark “MCTF” – member of country traitor’s family. Not committing any crime they had to serve in such special camps just for their role of the wife, mother, sister and daughter of those who were accused as the country traitors. Women served the term for not committed crime, even their husbands did not commit any crime, and they worked for the Motherland. In the criminal law there was a clause 58 which included 14 items, according to this clause people held responsibility for their relatives and friends, that’s why 8000 women were in the 17th division of Karaganda camp.

After excursion transfer back to Nur Sultan. Free time at leisure to explore the city. Overnight.

Day 8. depart Nur Sultan
Morning transfer to the airport. Flight back home.

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