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The big unknown of Eurasia

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Kazakhstan is roughly the size of Europe with only 17 million inhabitants. Endless steppes that are practically empty. In the spring it's full of flowers. A country full of contrasts. Almaty as the most cosmopolitan city in Central - Asia, where all of the most luxurious branded food are for sale in the atmospheric Green Bazaar, versus villages where time seems to have stood still and the water with milk jugs still being removed from the common pit. A country with a very mixed population; Kazakhs, Russians, Germans, Koreans and Uighurs. An immense country, when before the Soviet Period lived mainly nomads. Therefor, outside the mausoleum of Turkistan you will only find few monuments. You also don't easily ban out old habits after decades. The population of Kazakhstan still likes to back off in a yurt. 
Kazakhstan is a country full of history. Djengiz Khan went by horse through the steppes. The Soviets have done their nuclear tests, there grown cotton with catastrophic consequences and developed their space program. Many Kazakhs fought in the Red Army during World War II. An immense monument in Almaty remembers it. Now newlywed couples got photographed at this place. Kazakhstan is the most developed country in Central - Asia. That is evident in cities like Almaty and Shimkent. But also the least visited country in Central - Asia, so the chances are that you will meet people who present themselves as they are.
Even though Kazakhstan has only few monuments. it is a very beautiful country with varies landscapes. Also, it's an interesting country because of its mixed population, strategic location, the oil from the Caspian Sea and the economic development.