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What to wear, money matters and more Iran travel advice! At Pyala, we have gathered all the information, so you can read about all things practical.

Travel Tips Iran

Travel Advice Iran | Travel Tips Iran

Money matters

Iran's national currency is the rial. You will find that the prices are often given in toman (10 rial is 1 toman). This can sometimes be confusing.
In early 2015 you got about 38,000 rial for one euro; this rate, however, is significantly subject to change. Look for current exchange rates on this website.
Because of the international boycott of Iran, it is not possible to withdraw money from ATMs in Iran, although ATMs are fully present in the street. Also, credit cards and travelers checks are not accepted. You should therefore bring your money in cash (euros or US dollars) to carry. We recommend a about € 175 - € 200 a week for meals, drinks, entrance fees and excursions.

Believe it or not, when you walk into a bank to change money you will often be told that their "official" rate is not good and they will tell you where else to go to change money. You will always get a better rate somewhere besides a bank. Everywhere you can find such exchange offices; these money changers will most often be in the bazaar. Be careful to check the rate before you change. You can also exchange money at a reasonable rate at most airports.

Time Difference

The time difference with Iran varies. Normally, it is 2.5 hours later in Iran than Central European Time. However, between 22 March and the last Sunday of March it is 3.5 hours later, and from 22 September to the last Sunday in October it is 1.5 hours later.

Buying a Local SIM Card

On a practical note, we can mention that - even late at night - it is quite cheap (a few dollars) to buy a SIM card at the airport in Tehran. With the SIM card you have cell phone coverage almost everywhere, you can call Europe, and in most places you can even use mobile data (often also GPRS). In many food shops and stores you can buy a card with a code that entitles you to additional call and data credit for around 50,000 rial (~1 euro).