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Discover the beautiful island of Sulawesi, one of Indonesia's true highlights. Individual Tour from Pyala Travel.


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Adventurous Tour of Celebes

This tour will take you to Sulawesi, one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia. During this tour you will make an adventure trip across this island known as Celebes and of course a visit to the famous Toraja.

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24 days

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Day 1 Arrival Makassar
Arrive at Makassar’s modern airport and be brought to your hotel. You can relax or take a walk around the city for the rest of the day. Makassar (formerly called Ujung Pandang) is the vibrant capital of South Sulawesi. Because it is on a central highway between the various Indonesian islands, it has an important port function. The city also played an important role in the time of Dutch Domination. The Fort Rotterdam (Benteng Ujung Pandang) still reminds us of this. The place is very cozy in the evening.
Day 2 Makassar
You can arrange this day in Makassar, for example, visit the nearby Fort Rotterdam or Rent a boat and visit a few island offshore. Or visit the colorful markets in this always vibrant city. Alternatively, you can book an optional excursion to Maros, located in the middle of beautiful landscape.
Day 3 Makassar - Bira
You leave for eastern Bira. This 6-7 hours tour will takes you through a varied landscape and the sea. Visit a small waterfall and see how sea salt is being produced. Just before you reach Bira, make a stop at Marumasa or Tanaberu Beach where you can get to see a big wooden ships. These so-called pinisi boats are world-renowned. It’s an impressive sight to see the tropical beaches full of wooden ships. The ships are built by the Bugines. Along the way you will also see many typical Buginese houses.
Day 4 Bira
A free day in Bira. For example, you can go out with a boat to go snorkeling or discover some of the beautiful surroundings. Or, of course, just do nothing at the beach houses.
Day 5 Bira - Sengkang via Kajang and Camba
Leave the white sandy beach of Bira in the morning and head north to Sengkang. Enjoy a beautiful route passing through rice fields, and rubber plantation. The first drop will be at the traditional village of Kajang. Despite the influence brought by modernity that are very visible, people still live according to the ancient traditions. After that, continue to have a delicious lunch at home in a Buginese village then arrive in late afternoon in Sengkang.
Day 6 Sengkang - Tana Toraja
Take an excursion to Tempe Lake in the morning. Then continue to Rantepao, the capital of Toraja: Tana Toraja. This area is special for its authentic culture. The scenery around is beautiful with mountain, big rocks, and bamboo forests which can attract you to do some walks. The culture of Tana Toraja is unique. They are living in this beautiful traditional house with the roofs full of buffalo horns and edged doors and windows. They also have this special ceremony for funeral. The Torajas don’t burry the deceased immediately, they will collect some money until it is enough for the ceremony and buy a buffaloes to be slaughtered at the funeral. It is consider as a luck if you get to see the ceremony.  

The event usually take place in July and August. You may also see the famous Tau Tau Dolls that represent the death. If you travel during summer, a chance to see the ceremony is bigger. During the ceremony, which only lasts for a few days, the family of the deceased receive dozens and sometimes hundreds of guests. Everyone is traditionally dressed. The family will provides drinks and meals while the guests will bring gifts, such as pigs and buffalo. These buffaloes can be worth thousands of euros, especially if it is an albino one, the “Mercedes among the buffalo”.
Day 7 Tana Toraja
A day off from the trip. There is not much to do here. You may choose one of our excursions and visit traditional villages, make a day walks through the beautiful scenery.
Day 8 Tana Toraja
Another beautiful day in the area to experience the unique culture of the people here in Toraja                              
Day 9 Tana Toraja
Your last day in Toraja. Have nothing to do? Take a nice walk around would be nice.
Day 10 Tana Toraja - Pendolo
You will leave Rantepao early in the morning and drive to north. The scenery along the way is vary from tropical forests to vast coastal plaza. You will arrive late afternoon in the small town of Pendolo, beautifully situated on the southern shores of the clear Posomer.
Day 11 Pendolo - Tentena
In the morning, you travel by chartered boat from Pendolo to the northern shore of Lake Poso. Your luggage will be carried by car to the next hotel. Lake Poso, originally a flooded canyon, extends over an area 32,000 hectare and reaches the depth of 450 meters, making it one of the deepest lake in Sulawesi. On the west side, it’s bordered by steep mountains and in the east side, bordered by the rolling hills from which the lake also receives its water.

The trip over the lake takes about three hours, and at the end of the morning, you arrive at the Bungalows at the beach, a short distance from the town of Tentenna. You can enjoy the water through a swim on the lake. After lunch at the hotel, you will visit Saluopa waterfall, 18 km west of Tentenna. The last route will make you relax, as the waterfall is surrounded by lush tropical rainforest. The waterfall rises from tens of meters of altitude through smooth and round rocks downwards, and gather in the pool here and there before flowing to the next plateau. In some pools you can puddle around, and then in the afternoon, back to the hotel.
Day 12 Tentena - Doda (Lore Lindu Nationaal Park)
Today the adventure start at Lore Lindu National Park. Before, this valley was only accessible by mission plane, and now you can reach it for about 4-5 hours via a largely unpaved yet dry road. A beautiful way to the tropical rainforest, here you will descend to an altitude of about 500 meters. In Bada Valley, as well as some others valley in the Lore Lindu National Park, you will find the most impressive megalith carvings that can be found in Indonesia. The most interesting things are the primitive images and the decorated stone barrels. The origins have been a mystery to date. The largest of all, with a length of 440 cm, is the skewed Palindo. The nose, round eyes, arms, hands, and a male genitalia are clearly depicted. In the afternoon, take a 2 hours walk along number of interesting scenery through the vast landscape.
Day 13 Doda
A day off to explore the Lore Linde nature Park. Optional hiking tour also available to be booked. This one is recommended.
Day 14 Doda - Tanjung Karang (Dongala)
A 5-6 hour drive will take you to the capital of Central Sulawesi, Palu Province. Tanjung Karang is a 45-minute drive, literally the coral cape. Beautiful white beaches and a beautiful coral garden where you can snorkeling. It is a nice beach break halfway through the trip!
Day 15 Tanjung Karang
Today you can swim, laze, snorkel, look for dolphins, etc.
Day 16 Tanjung - Karang - Mouton
Today will be a long day on the road across Sulawesi. You will cross the Trans Sulawesi highway and pass the equator. At the end of the day, enjoy staying in a small fishing village near the sea.
Day 17 Mouton - Gorontola
A second long journey that brings you further north. The end goal is Gorontalo, a quiet and friendly Islamic town with horse carts and dozens of well-maintained, wooden colonial houses.  Gorontalo and its surroundings provide a pleasant rest from the long journey of central Sulawesi.
Day 18 Gorontola
Since today is a day off, we recommend you to book an excursion exploring the area. The excursion will get you to visit an old Fort and National Park.
Day 19 Gorontola - Tomohon
The last long stretch of this trip takes you through a beautiful landscape to Tomohon, where you can see regularly the rugged north coast. Tomohon, located at about 700 m altitude, is the heart of Minahasa. The Dutch considered the Minahassers to be Indonesia's most loyal people. In return, they received schools and churches, which meant that the Minahassers belonged to the best-led indigenous peoples in Dutch-India. The cool place of Tomohon is nestled between two active volcanoes: the Lokon and the Mahawu. Many vegetables and flowers are grown in a wide variety of environments.
Day 20 Tomohon
Start your own adventure today by exploring the Minahasa Region yourself today, or choose our excursion to familiarize yourself with Tomohon’s surroundings.
Day 21 Tomohon - Tangkoko
In the morning, hikers can climb the Mahawu volcano. This active volcano is located in the west side of Tomohon, and the trek going up is relatively easy. Views of Klabat and Lokon as well as the islands in Manado Bay are very impressive in clear weather. The Crater Lake 6is green blueish and the smell of Sulphur comes out from different sources. You will walk to the top for about 45 minutes and return via the same road.  

Passing over the vibrant market of Tomohon, you will travel to Tangkoko Batuangus Natural Reserve for about 3 to 4 hours. This park derives its name from the adjacent of the active volcanoes of Tangkoko (870m) and Batu Angus (1109m). The reserve covers an area of 4.450 hectare and contains lush tropical rainforest, sandy beaches, basalt rocks, and coral reefs. There are many fruit trees which also feeds the fruit eaters like black macaques, red-knuckled rhino birds. The tarsiers, that usually maintain contact with visitors, receives little benefit from the abundance of fruits nearby.  

The monkey, which is not much larger than a human hand, is living with insects, birds and other animals, but still nest between the crustacean roots of the fig trees. The best chance to see this night animal is at the end of the afternoon, where the tarsiers leave their sleeper in search of food. In the late afternoon, together with a local ranger, you will walk through the woods looking for the tarsiers, and often you will encounter other animals.
Day 22 Tangkoko - Manado
Make a second walk in the morning at Tangkoko Park. This walk gets you to see other animals like different bird species, black macaws, chicken, etc. also it gets you more time to enjoy the beautiful palms and fig trees. In the morning you will arrive in Manado, the main city in northern Sulawesi. It took about more than two hours from Tangkoko to Manado
Day 23 Manado
You may choose explore the city or book an excursion to Bunaken Island which famous for its fantastic underwater world.
Day 24 Manado - Departure

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