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Discover the beautiful island of Sulawesi, one of Indonesia's true highlights. Individual Tour from Pyala Travel.


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Adventurous Tour of Celebes

This tour will take you to Sulawesi, one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia. During this tour you will make an adventure trip across this island known as Celebes and of course a visit to the famous Toraja.

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24 days

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Individual Trip Sulawesi: Adventure trip over Celebes
Trans Sulawesi Route
Extended Stay in Toraja
Land Beach at Bira
Some nature parks

Sulawesi is by far the most beautiful island of Indonesia. You will make an adventure trip across this island known as Celebes. A trip from Fort Rotterdam to the famous boat builders at Bira, from the funeral festivals and Tongkonan houses of Toraja land to the stunning nature parks in the north and the underwater world at the Bunaken. In short, a varied journey through a tropical environment.
We have chosen a long stay in Toraja land, so the chance is greater for a funeral ceremony; one of the most impressive events you can experience in Indonesia. Nevertheless the environment invites for a longer stay with its beautiful mountain scenery, traditional villages, rice breeds and the famous Tau Tau Dolls. But Sulawesi is more than just Toraja land; you also meet other populations, visit big cities and small villages, see volcanoes, white beaches, go through impenetrable jungle and enjoy an exotic underwater world.

The journey begins in Makassar (Ujung Pandang) and ends in Manado. 

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Itinerary Sulawesi trip (24 days / 23 nights)
Day 1  Arrival Makassar
Day 2  Makassar
Day 3  Makassar - Bira
Day 4  Bira
Day 5  Bira - Sengkang via Kajang en Camba
Day 6  Sengkang - Toraland via Tempe
Day 7  Torajaland
Day 8  Torajaland
Day 9  Torajaland
Day 10 Toraja - Pendolo
Day 11 Pendolo - Tentena
Day 12 Tentena - Doda (Lore Linde Nationaal Park)
Day 13 Doda
Day 14 Doda - Tanjung Karang (Dongala)
Day 15 Tanjung Karang
Day 16 Tanjung Karang - Mouton
Day 17 Mouton - Gorontola
Day 18 Gorontola
Day 19 Gorontola - Tomohon
Day 20 Tomohon
Day 21 Tomohon - Tangkoko 
Day 22 Tangkoko - Manado
Day 23 Manado
Day 24 Departure Manado

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