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Sumatra, Java and Bali

private tour

Wandering through the Emerald Belt

Sumatra, Java and Bali trip is a complete tour of the Emerald Belt that is called Indonesia. From the jungle and volcanoes in Sumatra to the Kratons and Temples of Java. End the trip, enjoy the wonderful scenery of the rice fields and the beaches of Bali

from 1945,-
27 days

Sumatra, Java and Bali
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Day 1 Arrival Medan- Tangkahan
You will be picked up at Medan airport, and drive around the hustle and bustle of the cities for about 5 hours before finally arriving in Tangkahan. Along the way to Tangkahan, enjoy the view of palm oil and rubber plantations on a drive up a partly bad road. Arrive in Tangkahan, you will get to cross the river on a small boat to your jungle lodge. This is real jungle! Walk up on a stairs through the dense jungle and you will be warmly welcomed by the staff of the cozy guesthouse. You can also reach the hotel by walking on the suspension bridge. This guest house is run by locals and is beautifully situated in the middle of two rivers. The local Batak population in Tangkahan area has realized the importance of the rainforest and to protect them. With more help from others, they started this tourism project: they raise the wild elephants that was once their enemy and giving us an opportunity of a lifetime to get acquainted with this powerful and loving animals! In addition, they run small guesthouses and arrange guides them to pull through the jungle. A touching and warm welcome from the locals will make you want to stay longer here, or to swim around in the river surrounded by the voice of the jungle.
Day 2 Tangkahan
Today is a free day for you to explore. We strongly recommend you to book an excursion while you are here, since there are some activities that you can do, like going closer to the elephant or jungle trekking.
Day 3 Tangkahan - Bukit Lawang
Moving to Bukit Lawang today via jeep ride from Tangkahan. An offroad track passing through what was once a jungle, before being cut off and turned into palmoil plantation. Along the way you will see some villages that come to the area to work for the plantation. Over the bumpy road, you will arrive in Bukit Lawang after three hours’ ride. Here, you will stay in a guest house at the edge of Gunung Leuser National Park.  

In Bukit Lawang, you will enjoy the sound of the jungle while walking around the area. We highly recommend the jungle trekking, as you will get to encounter some wildlife, such as orangutan, Thomas leaf monkey, and white gibbon. Although meeting them is not guaranteed, if you are lucky, you will see them all hanging on some trees as your local guide waves at them, making the trip unforgettable. Note that you will have to wear trekking shoes or sandals and long pants to avoid mosquitoes while doing the activity in the middle of the jungle.
Day 4 Bukit Lawang
As a free day, you can do some more exploration at the surrounding area. Cross the stream of river by walking on a suspension bridge, and walk some more to the palm oil plantation in the morning to see the worker harvest the fruit. We would like to recommend you to get some more excursion for today such as visiting the local market, river tubing, or more jungle trekking!
Day 5 Bukit Lawang - Berastagi
Your driver will pick you up from the hotel and take you through Medan, to go to your next destination, Berastagi. Standing at 1300 meters above the sea level, Berastagi captivates the visitors with its cooler climate as well as more diverse cultures and spices. It can be quite cold in the evening! This city was an Old Dutch Hill area where the Dutch resident went to relax during the weekend, that’s why you can see some houses with a touch of colonialism standing still, or converted to comfortable hotel.
Day 6 Berastagi
Located between two volcanoes, Berastagi has so much more to offer. You can do a three hours mountain climbing to a more advanced, heavy day trip. Too tiring for you? No worries! You can also go to a natural hot spring to relax. Moreover, there a few traditional villages with Batak roots still lies deep within the people that can be your next visit. You will also find the traditional Kota Batak houses with their typical saddle roofs. This houses are different than other Batak tribe that you meet while in other part of Sumatra. For example, in the village of Linga, you will find a traditional house that is home for eight households in one sitting, with around forty people living side by side inside the house. There are some families that still live in this traditional house until today.
Day 7 Berastagi - Lake Toba
Today, Lake Toba is waiting for you. Along the way, you will visit an original Karo Batak village and the Sipiso-piso waterfalls. The road to Lake Toba offers a beautiful view that you cannot miss. In the afternoon you arrive in Parapat, where you will take a 45 minutes’ ferry ride to go to Tuk-tuk in Samosir Island. Tuk-tuk was once a tourist attraction during its heyday, but nowadays it become quieter as the great flow of visitors slowly decreasing. All hotels are lake-front, sitting beautifully and offer a more relaxed atmosphere, also an easy access for you to swim at the freshwater lake.
Day 8 Lake Toba
You can explore the island by yourself today, by taking a bicycle to cycle around the island that offers beautiful view, or simply walking around.  

Samosir is the center of the Toba Batak population and you will find many traditional houses being used until today, as well as traditional villages. We recommend the dance and singing show in Simanindo, located in the traditional houses after a beautiful ride across the island.  

Tomok and Ambarita is also an interesting place to see if you are interested more in Batak History by visiting old graves and the Kings’ stone chairs, where in the past, was used to gather the villagers whenever an important decision needs to be make.
Day 9 Lake Toba - Sipirok
A long drive through the Bukit Barisan—the mountain that intersects Sumatra. Along the way, enjoy the breathtaking views of green rice fields, a little piece of rainforest, as well as busy streets, local market and schools. Take a stop to straighten the legs by visiting the colorful market in the city of Balige. An overnight in Sipirok will make you relax after a long day traveling, and see the beautiful view of the city from your hotel.
Day 10 Sipirok - Bukittinggi
Moving along to Bukittinggi, you will pass Bojol, a small city that happens to be in the line of Equator. Take a walk around this city if you wish. Today will end in your hotel in Bukittinggi, which is located between two volcanoes. You will have two days of exploration around the city.   You are now in the homeland of the Minangkabauers. Live in a charismatic and beautiful house, the Minangkabauers also proud with their matrilineal culture. This mean, all property will go from mothers to daughters. Besides the special culture, Bukittinggi also offer the timeless yet picturesque scenery of the villages with the characteristic houses and its saddle roofs, hidden between lush green landscapes.
Day 11 Bukittinggi
You can visit the market today from the square with the bell tower. A long bridge over the busy road leads you to a small museum in a replica of Minangkabau Royal Palace. You can also book an excursion for a walk through the Sianok Canyon, or choose to drive with a car and private driver and explore the green fields, rice terraces, country-changing buffalo, a smoking volcano against the background and picturesque Minangkabau houses.  

Pagaruyung and Batusangkar villages are also worth a visit, along with Singkarak Lake. Another nice trip to take is Batang Palupuh Nature Reserve, where you can see the world’s largest flower; the carnivorous Rafflesia flower. Hire a guide on the spot, and he will take you to the jungle where the flower lives. On the way, you can enjoy a cup of Kopi Luwak. Made from fermented coffee beans that has been eaten by civet!
Day 12 Bukittinggi - Harau Valley
A 1.5 hours’ drive from Bukittinggi will take you to Harau Valley. This valley is a hidden treasure of Sumatra, and located in a narrow gap with vertical rock walls. Below the valley, the Minangkabauers live in their beautiful houses in the middle of rice fields. Above the gap, the jungle literally celebrates the height.  

Today you will go to meet Ikbal or his friends. Ikbal lives in Harau and would like to show you the hidden gem of his environment. You can choose between a one and a half hour walk through the rice fields and meet the local along the way.

Ikbal will show you the abundance of fruits as you walk, like mangosteen, cocoa, coconut, rambutan, lychee, and jackfruit (and if you dare to taste them!).  

Ikbal will also take you boating through the river to show you things like how betel nut and rice are dried, but what he shows are also depends on the weather! With his own bamboo house he built himself, lunch will be served and then a trip to the waterfall where you can cool off a bit. Or you choose to make a jungle trip up to the gap with Ikbal about three hours. He lets you plant the different trees and see insects. Hopefully you will see the Thomas Leave Monkeys before you shoot the tall trees. Even after the jungle stroll, enjoy a home-cooked lunch at home. Please note that for the jungle walk we recommend wearing shoes with good profile. Long sleeves and long pipes and mosquito oil are definitely recommended! Stay overnight in a very simple yet cozy homestay, beautifully situated in the rice fields of Harau.
Day 13 Bukittinggi - Yogyakarta
Your days in Sumatra come to end with driver transfer you to the airport in Padang, for the next flight to Yogyakarta, Central Java. Once arrived in Yogya, you will be transfer to the hotel in the middle of the city. Walk around the area to sample the local food or get some massage from salon nearby.
Day 14 Yogyakarta
Yogyakarta is the cultural center of Java and the city itself is everything. You can visit the Hindu temple complex of Prambanan or to the world famous Borobudur temple. You can also choose many excursions available in this city to do.

Another thing to do is to ride a becak (rickshaw) and stroll the city on a slow-paced ride. While you are out, visit the Palace where the King of Yogya lives, or to see how Wayang kulit (shadow puppet) is made or batik factory and knows how to create complicated patterns on a batik cloth.

Or what about a cooking class? The cook of a famous restaurant teaches you the ins and outs of Indonesian cuisine. You will learn about the many herbs used to get the delicious taste.
Day 15 Yogyakarta
Explore the surrounding area today. One of the to-go list is obviously the Borobudur temple. Bike lovers can also do the cycling excursions here! Or how about enjoying the sunset at this impressive temple complex?
Day 16 Yogyakarta - Solo via Prambanan
Leaving Yogya, you will visit Prambanan temple on the way to Solo. After Borobudur, this Hindu temple complex is the most famous temple area in Indonesia. This beautiful temples are located in the middle of Yogya and Solo. Some of the temples collapsed and it make you feel like walking through the ruins of Java’s rich past. Afterwards, moving on to the city of Solo, famous for the dance and the Wayang orang show (human dance). Take a look at the Palace and walk around the Pasar Gede market, famous for its fresh fruits.
Day 17 Solo - Malang
Today’s destination in Malang will be a long ride that goes through the beauty of the mountains, and from there you will arrive in Madiun, the sugar city. Afterwards, driving through the teak wood plantation before driving around the mountains again. You’ll arrive in Malang, where it was a popular residence for the Dutch in the old time. Feel the colonial atmosphere around the city.
Day 18 Malang - Bromo
Today the adventure start again! Accompanied by your car, you will go to a village on the south side of Bromo volcano. You will be welcomed to stay in a hotel that’s located near the Tengger crater with breathtaking views, and it feels like being in another world! The hotel is simple but offers outstanding views of the mountain and the rest of the area. Hot water is available in the room.
Day 19 Bromo - Kalibaru
Early start at 4AM today. Get up to ride the jeep that will take you to the viewing point, and enjoy the breathtaking view of the sunrise alongside the Bromo Mountain. Afterwards, down to the horizontal plateau that you have to climb through the stairs to see the inner crater. The rugged, rocky atmosphere at Bromo resembles the moon landscape. You will see Hindu temple also at the landscape of Bromo, with nearby Hindu Tengger village located. Back to the hotel for breakfast, and off you go to Kalibaru afterwards. Overnight in a hotel on a plantation.
Day 20 Kalibaru
Explore Kalibaru today. Take a walk around the village and plantation, and you will find exotic spices and tropical fruits all around. We suggest you to book an excursion here that will take you to explore the plantation even more.
Day 21 Kalibaru - Belimbing
The last trip in Java today will take you on a drive along the countryside. Take a ferry to cross the ocean and off to Bali. Welcome to a different world! Bali has its own character, and very distinct from Java Island. It is a Hindu island enclave in the Islamic belief in Indonesia. Everywhere you look, there are the expressions of Balinese Hinduism; from great, impressive temples to small street shrine. The scenery along the way is beautiful and you can see Bali’s famous rice paddies everywhere. Overnight in the beautiful hotel at Belimbing.
Day 22 Belimbing - Ubud
You are staying at a beautiful boutique hotel in a beautiful setting. Rice fields are everywhere that adds more beauty into Bali’s scenery. You can do a trekking alone, but you can also hire a guide from your hotel to guide you through the beautiful route and show you all the exotic crops as well as giving you some knowledge about harvesting rice. In the afternoon, you will continue your trip to Ubud, the art center of Bali.
Day 23 Ubud
Two full days of exploration in Ubud and surroundings are free for you to enjoy. Visit one of the many temples around, do some hiking or take a cycle through the rice fields. You can also shop in Ubud or lounge in one of coll restaurants spread around the area.
Day 24 Ubud
Another day to explore Bali’s cultural center.
Day 25 Ubud - Amed
Through the unspoiled landscape of green scenery in the east of Bali, you will arrive in Amed. A quietly located beach village under the shadow of Bali’s highest mountain of Mt Agung volcano. Compared to many other beach resort, Amed is somewhat more relaxed. Only few visitors come to this area, where the population still lives for fishing. On the east coast of Amed, there are more rustic places, in between black sandy beaches that will make you feel like a pioneer in Bali.
Day 26 Amed
Today is free for you, and you can spend it to explore Amed and surrounding area. For divers and snorkelers, the highlight will be at the sea, where popular dive sites are the Liberty shipwreck near Tulamben, and closer to Amed wall and Monkey Reef. Various diving school can help to assist you. Snorkeling can be done everywhere along the coast, but Jemeluk is the best one since the corals are beautiful completed with the abundance of fish. You can also rent the fishing boat to watch the sunset from the sea.

If you are not a big fan of the water, then take a walk through the unspoiled nature. Most of the trails can be found in a fair condition, although it will be best to hire a guide for those who wants to do longer trek.
Day 27 Amed - Departure

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