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Discover the remote islands of Raja Ampat, the hidden paradise of Indonesia. Private Tour from Pyala Travel.

Raja Ampat Tour

private tour

Pure Nature - Snorkeling - Diving - Paradise Birds

This paradise of untouched sea life and the captivating Papuan people make this one of the most unique destination in Indonesia. And a destination that has not been discovered yet by mass tourism.

from 1695,-
7 days

Raja Ampat Tour
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Day 1 Arrival Sorong
You arrive in Sorong. A busy and relatively prosperous city, due to the oil extraction in the area. Sorong is located on Vogelkop, the characteristic western peninsula of western papua. The city has an airport and port and is therefore a gateway to Raja Ampat. This beautiful area with its beautiful villages and wonderful snorkel and dive sites is guaranteed by us. Raja Ampat is one of Indonesia's most beautiful areas of natural beauty. For years known by divers as one of the best underwater spots on our globe. Slowly, "ordinary" travelers now begin to discover this area.   After arriving in Sorong, make an excursion to a village near Sorong. At about an hour and a half you are in a completely different world. Unspoilt jungle, rhino birds flying off and on traditional villages. You visit one of those villages and learn more about the simple existence of the people here. If you like, you can visit a village that lives near paradise birds. However, you can only see them in the morning or late afternoon. If you wish, give this and take into account additional costs (village is further driving and local guide to find the birds).
Day 2 Sorong - Waisai
By public ferry, you go to Waisai, the capital of Waigeo, one of the largest islands of Raja Ampat. It is an hour or two sailing by ferry. Arrived in the town of Waigeo, you are excited and taken on a private boat to your resort at Waigeo. Here you can enjoy the beach, the vibrant jungle and of course the beautiful underwater world.
Day 3 Waisai
In the early morning, you will be looking for paradise birds together with a guide. These birds only occur in West Papua and Papua New Guinea and are known as the most beautiful birds in the world. For centuries they are loved for their feathers used by the Papuans in their festival clothing and headwear. But with bird lovers, they are especially famous for the beautiful mating dances. There are many species of paradise birds. At Waigeo you will see the little bird of paradise. The total trip takes an hour or four. For the rest of the day you can go snorkeling in the sea opposite your resort.
Day 4 Waisai - Arborek
You will take a boat trip through Raja Ampat. Enjoy the dozens of islands, the beautiful underwater world and the stunning views. You are heading to the idyllic island of Arborek, where you have come to feel like a bounty island. The water is crisp clear and you can snorkel fantastic from the pier. Not far from the pier you can see giant canopy shells on the seabed.

These shells can become 250 kilo heavy and consist of fluorescent colors. Do not scare if the valves flap when swimming alongside. Arborek itself is a small and surprisingly clean village, with cobbled streets and gardens around the church.  

You stay here in a simple homestay.
Day 5 Arborek - Kri
In the morning you can still snorkel and / or make a round around the village. In the afternoon, make a beautiful boat trip, making a stop at Manta Point. With a bit of luck you can see huge mantarogs swimming, sometimes 7 meters in size. Continue on to the island of Gam, where you navigate across small streams and hidden lakes. You snorkel here between the mangrove A fantasy experience; Living coral between the roots of the mangrove forest. Eventually you will arrive on the small island of Kri, where you will spend the next few days in a simple eco resort. Bamboo huts on poles on top of the sea. Enjoy the underwater world from your verandah. The coral and the fish can be seen here and yes, you can even see sharks underneath your bungalow.
Dag 6 Kri
Three full days to enjoy the underwater world at the island of Kri. This island is on the Dampiers Strait, one of the best places to go diving and snorkelling. You can snorkel across the resort or walk to another bay where you can snorkel in a blue hole. At the resort itself you can also rent a boat to snorkel elsewhere. Of course it is also possible to go diving (if you have your Padi).
Day 7 Kri
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Day 8 Kri
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Day 9 Kri - Sorong
You take a private boat back from Kri to Sorong and will be taken to the airport.

NB; This is only on Sundays. If you leave another day, you will first be taken to Waisai and then on by public ferry.

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