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Indonesia Weather | Indonesia Climate

Indonesia has a typical tropical climate, it's warm and it can feel humid. Altough there can always be rain, the country has a wet and a dry season. The dry season starts in april and goes until october. The wet season starts in november and ends end of april. During the rainy season, mostly a big (but short time) rainshower will come in the end of the afternoon. Most of the rain falls between december and januari, but this differs from island to island. In the mountain area's is on average more rain than in the lower land areas. The rainseason at the Moluccan Islands are for example the other way around. 
The best time to travel to Indonesia can differ per island.

Weather and climate on Sumatra and Java

The rainy season for these islands is from November until March. Most of the rain falls during the afternoon. Also in the dry season it can rain in Northern - Sumatra. During the monsoon period it can rain a lot on Sumatra, causing roads to be impassable. The whole year the weater is very pleasant with temperatures between 24 and 30 degrees. The best period to visit these islands is from May until September.
Weather and Climate Bali

The dry season is from April untill September. The months May, June and July are a bit cooler (but still 25 degrees!) and there is a nice refreshing breeze. The monsoon period is from October until March. During this period most of the rain falls in the afternoon. But also the sun shines a lot during this time. This means that travelling to Bali is recommended the whole year round. The hottest months are Febuary and March, the temperature is than mostly around 30 degrees.
Weather and Climate Sulawesi

The weather on Sulawesi can differ a lot, this is because of the location and shape of the island. It can be possible that there is rain in the south, but it's dry in the central highlands. The monsoon is from December until March. The months January and February have the most rainfall. The dry period is from May untill October. The months July and August have the least rain. Also the temperatures can differ. Around the coastal area it is very warm (around 34 degrees) and dry. In the mountain area it can be a bit chilly with a maximum temperature of 24 degrees. 
Weather and Climate Sunda Islands

The most dry months are August and September. During the months November until February, there is the most rainfall. The weather can be different per island. The climate on Lombok is comparable with Bali. Sumbawa and Flores are more dry and warmer. The closer you get to Australia, the longer time the dry season takes.
Weather and Climate The Moluccas

The Moluccas are situated East of Sulawesi and West of Papua. The Moluccas have a reversed rainseason if you compare it to the rest of Indonesia. The months May until september are the wettest months. There can also be heavy rainstorms. October until April is a dry period. The whole year round the temperature is very pleasant, the maximum temperature is around 31 degrees. November untill March is the best period to visit the Moluccas.