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This Cookie Policy only applies to the website of Pyala Travel. The website of Pyala Travel is creating cookies. By visiting this website you are consenting to our use of cookies in accordance to our Cookie Policy. The cookies we collect can be categorized as follows: functionality cookies, analytic cookies, advertising cookies and Social Media cookies. If you choose not to receive our cookies, we cannot guarantee that your experience will be as fulfilling as it would otherwise be. For more details:

Advertising cookies and Social Media cookies collect data concerning the individual activities of the user. By continuing to use our site, you agree to the placement of cookies on your device. If you prefer not to receive our cookies, please alter your Cookie-settings in your browser.

To improve the usability and efficiency of our website, Pyala Travel is utilizing several technologies which make the experience of our website much smoother and more interactive. Examples of these technologies are cookies, (pixel) tags/beacons and scripts.

The cookies are used by Pyala Travel and third parties. For instance parties that record web statistics via the website you are visiting. It is of importance to us the user is aware of the cookies we collect and for what purpose, so we can ensure the privacy of the user and guarantee the usability of our website.

The lay-out below displays our current active cookies. We aim to keep this list updated at all times. However, due to the dynamic nature of the internet it can occur not all current cookies can be found in the overview below.

1. Functional cookies
These cookies are essential for a website to operate properly. Pyala Travel is using these cookies so it’s users can navigate around the website smoothly and the features of the website function correctly. We refer to these cookies as ‘functional’ and we are applying them to improve our findability on Google. Furthermore we are connected to Mailchimp (newsletter), (chatbox) and the domain.

2. Analytic cookies:

web statistics These cookies collect data on how a visitor uses a website. We use this information to optimize the user-friendliness and experience of our website. This service is performed by third parties like Google Analytics and Hotjar, they provide us with the information.

3. Social Media cookies
Cookies that are necessary to share the content of our website on social media. You can share trips and videos that are displayed on our website via social media. For this link with social media to function properly, it is necessary to apply the cookies of social media parties in order for them to recognize you when you wish to share a trip or video. These cookies enable logged on users to share some elements of our website’s content directly. We are currently linked to Trustpilot reviews, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

4. Advertising cookies

These cookies are used to deliver online advertisements more relevant to you, based on your visit to our website. We are currently using Google remarketing.

Browser settings and deleting cookies If you prefer not to receive cookies from websites, you can alter your browser settings to erase or refuses cookies. It is also possible to see and alter the settings of individual cookies. However, doing so will also erase any saved preferences and many websites will not function properly. Please be aware that we cannot grant you access to our website when you refuse our cookies. We also cannot guarantee the functioning of our website and it’s features if you decide to refuse specific cookies. For these reasons we recommend you not to delete or refuse our cookies.

Altering cookie settings

You can withdraw your permission for saving the cookies at all time by deleting them from your device.

As part of the ‘analytics’-service we placed a cookie from Google which allows us to monitor and record the activities of our users browsing patterns on our website. Google is allowed to provide this information to third parties if Google is legally required to do so, or if the third parties are allowed to process the information on behalf of Google. We carry no influence or responsibility over this. We did not grant Google permission to use the collected analytic data for other Google services. The data that is collected is processed as anonymous as possible and not personally identifiable. Your IP-address is strictly not shared. The collected information is transferred by and to Google on servers in the US. Google is obliged to abide by the Safe Harbor Principles and is affiliated with the Safe Harbor-program of the American Ministry of Trade. This implies that there is a high level of protection over any collected personal data.

Facebook likes
Our website includes features (buttons) to promote (like), or share certain webpages on socials networks like Facebook and Twitter. These buttons operate through pieces of codes derived from Facebook and Twitter. With this code cookies are placed. Please be aware that we do not carry responsibility or have any influence on this. Please read the privacy declaration of Facebook and Twitter to inform yourself about how the data that is collected via these cookies is being used. The information they collect is anonymized as far as possible.

The collected information is transferred by and to Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn on servers in the US. Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn are obliged to abide by the Safe Harbor Principles and is affiliated with the Safe Harbor-program of the American Ministry of Trade. This implies that there is a high level of protection over any collected personal data.

You have the right to request access and/or correction or removal of your personal data.

Policy changes
We reserve the right to change this Cookie Policy. We recommend our user to visit our website on a regularly basis to determine if changes in this policy were made. The latest version of this Cookie Policy was updated on April 23rd 2018. If you hae any further questions regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us: