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Don't know which places to visit in Georgia? Find out what our local Pyala experts consider the best things to visit when travelling the country.

Things you should not miss while visiting Georgia

Georgian wine-cellar - Marani

Georgians have been making the best wines over 8000 years. The wine is so precious for them that like a living creature they built a house for it – Marani, buried Qvevri (clay jars) under the ground and implemented the unique method of making wine, which made Georgian wine famous worldwide (Georgian wine is on a list of UNESCO Intangible Heritage). After squeezing the grapes unlike European methods, Georgians keep grape juice and skins together in a huge Qvevri under the ground. Georgian farmer would proudly show you the way into his wine-cellar, open the Qvevri, give his home-made wine to taste and toast you cordially. Who would miss such an experience? You can taste best quality wines made according to traditional and European methods. This country is rightly referred as a cradle of wine.

Georgian Feast

Great wine, delicious and diverse food, toasts, multi-voice songs– this is when you find yourself at Georgian feast. It’s an ancient tradition that Georgian still follow. This isn’t just a meal, this is more of a ritual which is led by a Tamada (toast master). To really feel the charm of Georgian feast you should come and visit Georgia.

Georgian folklore

has been shaping out for many centuries. You’ll be amazed by Georgian dances, which are wondrously diverse and represent all provinces of Georgia. This is the synthesis of delicate movements, stories told in dance and blazing knacks. Georgian multi-voice singing is on UNESCO Intangible World Heritage list. One of the outstanding examples “Chakrulo” was sent to the space with Voyager in 1977 among the 27 musical compositions of the world. The Golden records should introduce the earth to the other civilizations.   You’ll feel that Georgian folklore is special in Georgia at its best.