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Find out what our travelexperts say are the 10 best places to visit while traveling in Georgia

Best things to discover in Georgia


Tbilisi is a real gem of discovery for the travelers. You arrive, admire and fall in love with this ancient and the same time modern city. For centuries Tbilisi charms its visitors at the first site with its blend of eastern and western diversity. You take a walk in its narrow streets, take a look at carved balconies, enjoy the views over colorful quarters from Narikala Fortress, share your life with this vibrant city and it already has a significant place in your heart. This city never sleeps: once you’re out of your hotel numerous ideas surround you about where to spend the next happy several hours. Making decision isn’t that easy though. Probably it’s better to explore the historical sites and museum treasury at first, take a cable car or funicular ride, choose one of the best restaurants to taste Georgian cuisine, discover your favorite corners and after a pleasant walk escape to typical cozy Tbilisian café from the bustling streets. Afterwards you can pay a visit to the Sulphur Baths to invigorate yourself. 
Night Tbilisi has a special charm with beautifully lit houses spread all over the hills and modern glass buildings. Certainly, you’ll have a lot of shots in your camera to capture the beauty of the town. You can enjoy your evening at opera house, concert hall, theater or a bar. Did you know that Tbilisi is one of the centers of European club life? These are the reasons that make Tbilisi a destination that shouldn’t be missed!

Thrilling roads of Tusheti

If you have read travelers’ blogs or famous publications where the thrilling roads of the world are featured, you discover that the road to Tusheti tucked away in the Great Caucasus Mountains is also among them. Even the photos are enough to take our breaths away and the real impressions are so powerful that time has no impact on them. Winding up on a mountain, the road at the edge of an abyss brings us above the clouds to Abano Pass (2950m) then followed by fabulous Tusheti. With mediaeval towers and dotted villages, huge mountains and fields of wild flowers, hospitable and openhearted people Tusheti will stay with your memories for a lifetime.

Upper Svaneti and Ushguli

There’s a chance that your “experience of the lifetime” awaits you in the middle of the Caucasus, in the mountains of Svaneti. You’ll see four highest peaks out of ten of the largest mountain range in Europe. If you enjoy walking and aren’t afraid of taking a trekking adventure over the passes, you can approach the snowy summits of huge mountains at a hand’s touch. Each new day spent in Svaneti is better than the previous one. Its virgin nature enchants the guests with its magic. In the evening, we’ll be invited to taste delicious Svanetian dishes prepared with traditional ancient recipes after having seen the mountain lakes, waterfalls, gashing rivers, huge ridges and the mountain dotted villages. You’ll definitely have a visit to Ushguli (UNESCO World Heritage List) on your “must see” list”, where the time had stopped and the towers built centuries ago still gaze at highest peak of Georgia – Shkhara (5068m). Here you can breathe in the air of the highest permanently inhabited village of Europe (2300m). You’ll have much to tell about Svanetian adventures when you depart.


A drive of 30 minutes out of the capital would bring you to 3000-year-old Mtskheta town. You’ll have a panoramic view over Mtskheta from one of the oldest Christian churches Jvari (6th century). The views of this tiny town built on the confluence of two rivers would leave no one indifferent. All the places here are linked to St. Nino (Georgia’s converter to Christianity) and are the favorite destinations for pilgrims. Upon arrival at Mtskheta we’ll follow the narrow lanes to an outstanding example of Georgian architecture – Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. According to the legend the Robe of Christ is buried here. Jvari and Svetitskhoveli are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Cave Towns

If you wish to follow the route of silk caravans, you should visit the ancient cave city of Uplistsikhe (6c. BC). This huge city (20 000 inhabitants) was hosting dozens of merchants, travellers and caravans coming from far away lands. You can see ancient caves here today and take an interesting tour in the past.
The second cave town, that you shouldn’t miss is Vardzia (12c.). The caves layered on tiers create a huge city, where 50 000 people used to live in the medieval ages. After the tour, you can leave the town via an escape tunnel.

Kazbegi – Prometheus Mount

According to the old Greek legend, Prometheus who was punished for stealing fire from the Gods was chained to the very Mt. Kazbegi. This magnificent mountain (5047m) is an attractive destination for alpinists, photographers and those who love nature and culture. All guests visiting Georgia, try to see it. You can hike to the waterfalls, visit Gergeti Trinity church (14c.) which was nominated as 10 of the most beautiful churches of the world by “The Telegraph” or head up to 5047m if this is what you’re capable of.