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Travel and Covid Indonesia

Read here the latest travel advice on travel and corona, travel restrictions, possible entry ban and quarantine measures in Indonesia. Currently, the borders are closed to all foreigners (without a valid residence permit) for the time being. Bali reports that the borders will remain closed to international tourists until January 2021.

Current situation in Indonesia during Covid Times

We are in contact with our local agents regularly, and of course we keep getting updates from them occasionally.

News from Indonesia
Indonesia is struggling with the largest outbreak of coronavirus in Southeast Asia with more than 463,000 confirmed cases so far, an increase of more than 60 percent since late September.

Life is slowly getting back to normal but the infections don't seem to be really decreasing yet. Travel within Indonesia is permitted but with restrictions. For foreigners (without a valid residence permit) the borders remain closed for the time being.
Possibly Bali is looking at allowing foreign tourists in a bit sooner, but for now that is still unclear.

The pandemic has sent the country into recession. Bali's beaches, resorts and temples are usually busiest during the dry season from May to September, which coincides with winter in Australia and summer vacations in the northern hemisphere. This year only 152 foreigners visited Bali in the three months through September, a stunning drop from 1.8 million last year! 

Hopes are pinned on domestic tourism around the holidays, but the government is reviewing the policy on distancing yourself and wearing face masks only if the new infections start to decrease

New Outbreaks and Infections 
The following site provides tables and charts of the number of destinations:

Travel restrictions
For all foreigners (without a valid residence permit) the borders are closed for the time being. The government in Indonesia announced on August 24 that the borders in Bali in September will remain closed until January 2021. When the borders will open depends on the number of infections and global situation. Sights and parks Most of the sights and parks have now opened, however, some still say they only receive domestic visitors. Visitors must adhere to the measures: mouth mask, maintain distance, wash hands with soap. The number of visitors allowed daily is limited in many cases and some require a negative test valid for up to 14 days.
Note that some parks and attractions are only partially open. For example, you may only view the Borobudur and Prambanan from a short distance (so do not yet climb/touch the temples themselves and at the Bromo, for example, you cannot yet enter the sand sea). 

Islands - transportation 
All islands are accessible and there are regular flights. To fly, one must show a negative test, among other things. Some airports can perform tests on the spot (rapid tests). Some areas also require a recent negative test before granting access to visitors. 

All airlines are back in operation but have limited flight schedules and not all destinations are yet served (it is possible to fly to all islands, but some of the places in the island are still closed). 

Part of the trains are in operation, which trains do and do not go is adjusted every month. Cars and buses have only been idle for a short period. Passenger boats are basically operating again, but this varies by destination. Of the 26 large Pelni passenger ships, 14 are now in service. All forms of transportation should adhere to health protocols.

Travel to Indonesia after Covid times

In the meantime, we are continuing to improve our private tours to Indonesia and we can't wait to show you our options to visit Indonesia. Of course your tour to Indonesia can be completely tailormade to your wishes.