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The latest information about Bhutan, the Coronavirus, COVID19 and travel restrictions

Travel and Covid in Bhutan

Read here the latest travel advice about travel and corona, travel restrictions, an entry ban and quarantine measures in Bhutan.
Bhutan does have a number of Covid-19 infections, but fortunately has not yet suffered any deaths. On August 11th, the country entered a national lockdown again due to the infection of a person from Gelephu who had been in contact with several people in Thimphu. 

From the 1st of September,the corona measures will be more relaxed. People are allowed to walk or bike on the streets and specially designated shops/supermarkets are open. Public transport will start running again. From the 7th of September, people are allowed to transport themselves inside their own place (dzongkhag) again by car and by the 11th of September, people can transport themselves also outside their own dzongkhag!

Current situation in Bhutan during Covid times

We are in regular contact with our local agents on the spot and of course we get some messages from them once in a while. Below is a small update from Bhutan:

News from Bhutan 
-Mid August it was decided to allow the sale of tobacco in Bhutan again. A remarkable message, because Bhutan has had a tobacco law for centuries that wants to prevent smoking as much as possible. Since 2010 the sale, production and distribution of tobacco has been banned. However, smokers were allowed to import controlled quantities at high taxes. Because of the corona pandemic, the borders with India were closed, resulting in a flourishing black market. In order to counter this, the government decided to temporarily allow the sale of tobacco (regulated) again. 

- The king of Bhutan is normally already immensely revered in his country. During the Covid-19 crisis, the 5th king of the Wangchuk dynasty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk is an important support and refuge for the population. During a second speech, he said: "In order to be fully successful in preventing infections, we cannot be complacent and must remain vigilant. The reckless action of one person crossing the border for trade or a meeting with acquaintances or someone illegally importing Bhutan risks spreading the coronavirus in their area and country. It will completely undermine all our national efforts".

Below is a representation of the current situation according to our latest reports:

- Flights at the time of Corona
Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines are the only airlines that are allowed to fly to/from Paro. Bhutan Airlines does not currently operate flights; Druk Air only operates flights to pick up Bhutanese from abroad and for cargo.

- Transportation within Bhutan at the time of Corona
Domestic flights are operated only for local travelers; there are no foreign tourists in the country. 

- Sights at the time of Corona
The country is closed to tourists. No date has been given (yet) when the country will open its borders again.

Travel to Bhutan after Covid

In the meantime, we are continuing to improve our private tours to Bangladesh and we can't wait to show you our options to visit Bhutan. We will of course tailor your tour completely and are happy to surprise you with parts from our many original experience items.