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The latest information about Bangladesh, the Coronavirus, COVID19 and travel restrictions

Travel and Covid in Bangladesh

Read here the latest travel advice about traveling and corona, travel restrictions, an entry ban and quarantine measures in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has started the vaccination progress! 

The borders are reopened, which means that you can practically travel to Bangladesh again. You do need a visa in advanced and a negative covid certificate which is not older than 72 hours before flying to Bangladesh.
Caution: the travel advice in Minbuza is still yellow, which means that only necessary travel (no tourists) are allowed. 
After return, a mandatory 10-day home quarantine applies.

Current situation in Bangladesh during Covid Times

We are in contact with our local agents regularly, and of course we keep getting some messages from them occasionally.

News update from Bangladesh (9th of september 2020)
Besides the fact that the stores and mosques are reopened, the government also decided that government services and offices can be reopened for a limited extent. Public transport is also running again and the lock-down and the curfew is lifted. You must be seated in public transport and the wearing of a mask is mandatory as soon as you step out of your house. Anyone who does not comply with the rules will be punished with a fine of TK 4.000 (± € 40,- / ± $ 50,-).

News from Dhaka
Currently, Dhaka has been divided into 3 zones (red - green - yellow). The neighbourhoods are divided into zoned, which are determined by the number of infections per day / per neighbourhood. 
Red zone: densely populated neighbourhoods with over 39 infections per 100.000 citizens.
Yellow zone: densely populated neighborhoods with less than 39 infections per 100.000 citizens. 
Green zone: neighbourhoods with less than 5 infections per 100.000 citizens. 

In these zones, you have to be extra alert. For de red zones applies, no(t yet) a lock-down, but if the infections increase in these neighbourhoods, they will definitely go into lock-down again. During the lockdown, the citizens are not allowed to go outside their house, only when it is really necessary. Restaurants will be closed bazaars can only be visited when necessary (for ex. for grocery shopping). Supermarkets and pharmacies will stay open. 

Below is a representation of the current situation according to our latest reports:

-international borders
The borders are open for a few countries. You can only enter Bangladesh through international airports. The land borders with India are closed. If these borders with India will open again, depends on the situation in both countries. 

-Flights at the time of corona
International flight slowly resumes. U can fly to Bangladesh with Qatar or Turkish Airlines from the western of Europe. 

-Transport within Bangladesh at the time of corona
Due to the stop of the lock-down, the local train- and bus connections are running again. The wearing of a mask is mandatory and for every passagier are 2 seats available. It is absolutely forbidden to stand in the public transport.

-Sights at time of corona
Most of the sights in Bangladesh reopened. Only the archaeological sites and museums in the province North-Bengalen are still closed.

Travel to Bangladesh after Covid

In the meantime, we are continuing to improve our private tours to Bangladesh and we can't wait to show you our options to visit Bangladesh. We will of course tailor your tour completely and are happy to surprise you with parts from our many original experience items.