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The latest information about Azerbaijan, the Coronavirus, COVID19 and travel restrictions

Travel and Covid in Azerbaijan

Read here the latest travel advice about traveling and corona, travel restrictions, entry bans and quarantine measures in Azerbaijan. 

Covid -19 still has a hold on in Azerbaijan. After a constant decline of numbers of infections in July and August, these slightly increased again in the end of August and the beginning of September. The land borders between Azerbaijan and its neighbouring countries Georgia, Iran, Russia and Turkey stay closed till the 1st of December.

Current situation in Azerbaijan during Covid Times

News from Azerbaijan
We are in contact with our local agents regularly, and of course we keep getting updates from them occasionally.

The quarantine measures for the big cities do still aply. The rules have been more relaxed on the other hand; The text-permission to leave the house has been abolished. Restaurants and caf├ęs are reopened, only for take-away. Beaches are limited open; from 08:00 pm - 09:00 am. 

Below more details of the current situation according to our latest reports:

-Flights at the time of Corona
There is only limited air traffic to and from Azerbaijan. A few airlines, among Turkish Airlines, conduct flights to and from Baku. Air traffic for regularly commercial flight is not yet the case.

-Transport within Azerbaijan at the time of Corona
The public transport has resumed partially. The subway in Baku is running again from mid September. The public transport will not run on the weekend, at least till the end of September. There are some travel restrictions between some regions. 

-Sights at the time of Corona
Museums have been open since the 1st of June. Public parks and recreation areas were open before. A visit to the beaches of the Capsian Sea is possible since the 5th of August. The limited restrictions do still apply; only small groups are allowed, keep your distance, the necessary hygiene etc...

Travel to Azerbaijan after Covid

In the meantime, we are continuing to improve our private tours to Azerbaijan and we can't wait to show you our options to visit Azerbaijan. Of course your tour to Azerbaijan can be completely tailormade to your wishes.