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Customer Reviews

5 May 2016
"This trip far exceeded our expectations. Impressed by ease with which we found places to eat our driver was very useful in Zhaoxing (forgotten villages) in taking us to a restaurant. Also with the way all the transfers etc just worked no probs."

"I could build my own trip, Your style of travel appealed to me, My travel specialist provided excellent service"

10 Sep 2015

“Extremely wellorganised no problems at all with the multiple transfers to bus stations etc. Most drivers didn't have any English an observation, not a complaint. Excellent young driver in Kunming who did the transfers and took us to the Stone Forest, and despite lack of English, kept us updated (via a translation app that worked!) when we were stuck in a very long traffic jam.”

July 27 2015
"We made a very good trip. A very interesting country . Very diverse (urban vs. countryside) , rapid developments , beautiful scenery , lots of old / historical things , and friendly people "

July 20 2015
"Last year in another trip booked by a different travel agency al ot went wrong, but this time ... everything just went perfect. Everyone was at the agreed time at the agreed place.
We found the accommodations chosen very good! Both in terms of strategic location and atmosphere"

June 17 2015
"We had a wonderful trip and are satisfied with the services of Pyala Travel. Both in the preparation as well while travelling. Everything was right on the spot, guides and transfers were on time, information was always in order, expectations emerged as aroused by you. Hotels offered a nice change as we requested. Walk on the Great Wall was great, hardly encountered other persons."

June 5 2015
"First of all we want to thank you very much for organizing a super trip. Everything went smoothly. We have really enjoyed and got lots of impressions done in a hitherto unknown other world / culture. All went well, everything proceeded smoothly. Always were the right people for us at the right place and time."

1 June 2016

We returned last night from a trip to China lasting nearly four weeks and involving some quite complicated arrangements, and I am writing to tell you that the arrangements worked perfectly and to thank you for the service you provided. In each case the choices of accommodation and means of travel turned out to have been made with skill and with insight into our wishes, and in each case we wondered whether the next stage of our holiday would be managed so smoothly and efficiently as the last one – and it was! I would recommend you to anyone thinking of undertaking a holiday in China of the kind that we did and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making it so relaxing and enjoyable.