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Traveldocuments for China

China Visa | Travel Documents for China | Passport and Permits

Travelers who wish to visit China must have the correct travel documents. Below is information about the necessary travel documents.  

For a trip to China, you need a passport. This passport must be valid for at least six months after returning from the trip. You also need a visa for China.  

You can choose to arrange a visa for China itself at the Chinese Embassy in The Hague or Brussels. You can also outsource this to a visa service, which obviously costs brokerage fee. Then they go on to the relevant embassy, stand in line to submit your application, and finally get your passport with visa also at the embassy again. This saves you a lot of hassle.  

If you want to arrange your visa through a visa service, please indicate this when booking your trip. Pyala Travel will help you deal with it alongside the consular fees for the Chinese visa (currently about € 71.30) and the remaining mediation costs of visa service (about € 35, - per person per visa) as well as the postage for registered mail to return your passport (about € 15 - per shipment) costs.  

Visa procedure

If you specify when booking that you arrange your visa through Pyala Travel, then you will find the visa costs (incl. Brokerage and shipping) Dimsum on your bill. Also, you will receive an invoice together with your visa voucher, containing among other things contact the visa office we work with.  

The visa voucher will then send you along with the completed visa form China and other documents as specified in the manual China visa, to the address on the voucher.  

Here are the download files you need:
- China Visa Application
- China Visa Guide  


We would be happy to emphatically point out that you are always responsible for correctly completing and delivering on time the necessary forms and valid travel documents; Please check always good or the visa obtained contains the right data and information. Pyala Travel can be held responsible under any circumstances for the consequences of incorrectly completed forms or for incorrect or late visas issued. Pyala Travel can also be held liable in any way for any damage / consequential loss / intangible costs occasioned by getting late or not a visa / travel permits, or a non-correct visa / travel permits.