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What to wear, money matters and more Bhutan travel advice! At Pyala, we have gathered all the information, so you can read about all things practical.

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Money Matters
As you know, you can only travel through Bhutan by organizing and paying for everything in advance. That means that you once you are in Bhutan you don’t have to spend much money, so don’t exchange too much of the local currency, the ngultrum. This ngultrum has the same value as the Indian rupee. You can also pay with Indian rupees almost everywhere, but only in small denominations. In most cities there are ATMs, but you can also withdraw cash at the airport or change some money for drinks, tips and souvenirs. In many shops and hotels, particularly in Thimphu, you can pay by credit card. Many hotels can also change money, but we do not recommend because of the high commission fee. One euro is about 60 ngultrum. Look for current prices on this website.

Time difference
In the summer (May-Sept) Bhutan is 4 hours later than Central European Time, and in
winter 5 hours later.
Almost all hotels have WIFI in the lobby and in the rooms, though there is sometimes a
fee. The internet is occasionally a bit slower but generally works fine. Almost all places there is GSM coverage. If there is no electricity, there is no internet and there is worse coverage.