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Travel Documents Bhutan

Bhutan Visa | Travel Documents for Bhutan | Passport and Permits

Travelers who wish to visit Bhutan must arrange the correct travel documents themselves. Below is information about the necessary travel documents as known at time of writing.

For a trip to Bhutan, you need a passport that is valid for at least six months after returning from your trip. You also need a Bhutanese visa. This visa allows you entrance upon your arrival at the border or at the airport in Paro, and can be obtained upon presentation of a letter of invitation from Bhutan. This invitation letter is arranged for you by Pyala Travel after you have booked your trip. The cost of both the Bhutanese visa and invitation letter are included in the fare.  

Indian Visa
Please note that, depending on the route of your trip, you will generally also need a visa for India. Since most travelers enter Bhutan (and often leave again) via India, you need a single (or double) entry visa for India.  
The visa for India can be obtained from the embassy in your home country. More and more nationalities can obtain visas upon arrival at the airport.  

Sikkim Permit
Should you on your trip also visit the Indian state of Sikkim, in addition to a visa for India you are required to have a travel permit for Sikkim. You can apply for this free of charge at the same time you apply for your Indian visa. You will receive a notation on your visa. This permit for Sikkim can sometimes also be arranged on the spot.