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Bhutan is located in the Himalayas and the climate is therefore partly determined by elevation. The highest mountains are in the north, and the south is completely flat and therefor much warmer and more humid. Most tours take place in the central part of Bhutan, where the climate is temperate. You travel at an elevation of approximately 1500 - 2500 meters and temperatures are generally very pleasant, between 15 and 25 degrees. In the winter months it is a lot cooler, but certainly not unpleasant. With some sunshine during the day it can still be a nice temperature. Keep in mind that the evening cools down considerably (up to several degrees below freezing) and there is no central heating in the hotels and restaurants. Luckily there is often a cozy fireplace or woodstove. Another thing you need to consider is the monsoon season. This brings (sometimes heavy) rains from May to September. This makes it harder to travel through Bhutan in the summer months, especially if you plan on hiking. One advantage of traveling then is that the landscape is green and there are almost no other tourists.

The best travel seasons are spring (February - May) and autumn (September - December) when temperatures are pleasant, the skies clear, and there is the slightest bit of rain. Most festivals take place during these seasons. Like everywhere, however, the weather in Bhutan can’t be guaranteed; the monsoons may start a month earlier or later, it may rain heavily in the winter months, or there may be a drought in the summer.