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Private Tour to the Sundarbans in Bangladesh. Customized for you at Pyala Travel.

Bangladesh Delta and Cultural Tour

private tour

Steamboats, Sundarbans and Monuments

This Bangladesh tour will introduce you to the world's biggest river, the mangrove forest of the Sundarbans and cultural highlights in western Bangladesh. You make a trip with one of the world's oldest steam radar boats.

from 1795,-
11 days

Bangladesh Delta and Cultural Tour
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Day 1 Dhaka - Rocket Steamer
You will be picked up from the airport and then get a short tour through the old part of Dhaka. You will visit such as the Lalbagh Fort, a 17th century Moghul palace that day is an oasis in the city today. Especially popular as a meeting place of the local youth. Although the majority of the population is Muslim, there is also room for a Hindu temple Dhakeswari Temple. A first encounter ends in the shopping mall Newmarket. Here's everything for sale and there is a cozy atmosphere. On the top floor of the textile department is very colorful and photogenic. Here the cloths and old-fashioned dress with blocks are fitted with their pattern. Then you board the traditional paddle steamer the Rocket. This is one of the oldest active radar boats in Asia. You sail to the southwest and the town of Mongla.
Day 2 Rocket Steamer (River delta) - Mongla
You sail through the day the world's largest delta and sees the river village life in Bangladesh. You sail through an area where the Ganges and Brahmaputra flow together into the ocean. These two rivers are home to more water than all the rivers of Europe are listed. In the evening you will arrive in Mongla where you stay in a hotel.
Day 3 Mongla / excursion Sundarbans
After breakfast, take a boat trip through the Sundarbans. The Sundarbans mangrove forest (world’s largest mangrove forest) comprises of 10,000 sq-km of which 6000 sq. km. is in Bangladesh. The area is divided into 55-forest compartment. Each has a land area of 40 to 160 sq. km. and divided into several islands.  The area is famous for its semi- aquatic tigers, greatly known as the Royal Bengal Tiger. As per last census around 500 tigers has found in this forest. It has fair amount of spotted deer, wild boar, rhesus monkey, salt-water crocodile, water monitor lizard, pythons etc.  The forest treasures 330 plant species, 35 species of reptiles 400 types of fishes, 270 species of birds and 42 species of mammals.  UNESCO has declared Sundarbans as world heritage site in 1997 and different protection matter of the forest is under active consideration. There are three wildlife sanctuary areas in Sundarbans forest respectively “Kotka-Kochikhaki”, “Hironpiont” & “Manderbaria”.

Along the way you can get off a few times to make short walks. In the evening you will return to your hotel in Mongla.
Day 4 Mongla - Khulna through Bagerhat
In the morning you drive to Bagerhat, the mosque-city of the country. This town protected by Unesco has several specific mosques of the Middle Ages. The most unusual and most beautiful is the so-called '60 - domed mosque '; Shai this Gumbad mosque has 77 domes and actually looks like a fortified fortress. You will visit the mausoleum of Khan Jahan evenens Ali and several other 15th century mosques such as the 9-koepelige mosque and smaller mosques with one dome. The mosques are located in a beautiful rural setting and because there are many pilgrims there is always something to do.
Late afternoon you will arrive in Khulna, where you stay in an elegant hotel.
Day 5 Khulna - Rajshahi
You travel from Khulna to Rajshahi, a nice trip on the countryside of Bangladesh. Here you will visit the mausoleum of Lalon Shah and the home of the famous poet Tagore Rabindaranath. Of course, time is made to attend a musical performance. Next stop is the beautiful temple city of Puthia. Between the green and along the shores of several lakes / ponds are water here several Hindu palaces from the 16th century by the Raja of Puthia. The palaces are again built in terracotta and beautiful contrast with the green surroundings. Many decorations and in the buildings; in Bhubaneshwar Shiva temple is the largest lingam of the country. This is the most remarkable structure of this beautiful town palace. Especially here that one of the sites only share with the colorful people who cheerfully inquisitive or playing (children) watch. In the afternoon you will arrive in the historic city of Rajshahi, located near the Indian border, and can take a walk on the banks of the Padma river.
Day 6 Rajshahi
You will visit the area of Rajshahi. Drive to Gaud (Chapal Nababgonj) known in Bangladesh for mosques. For example, the location near the border, mosque Choto Sona, the Darasbari mosque and madrassah and Khonia Dighji moskee.Na lunch return to Rajshahi and visit there the Barendra Research Museum (one of the best of Bangladesh). Rajshahi is a major silk production center on the border with India. Of course there is the possibility to see a silk factory and the process of caterpillar to view side closely. In the evening you can stroll along the Padma river .
Day 7 Rajshahi - Bogra, via Puthia & Mahastangarh
Today you will travel north towards Bogra. Enjoy the beautiful green countryside of Bangladesh. Everywhere there is something to see and people go. The locals are very colorful and gives lots of photo opportunities. In the afternoon visit the famous Buddhist temples of Mahasthangarh, dating from the 3rd century. The ruins of Mahanthangarh have been identified with the ancient city of Pundranagar and its account can be found in the literary and other Epigraphic records of the various dynasties. Govinda vita temple and Vashu vihar are two famous sites, are reminiscent of a very rich civilization and culture.  The site museum will introduce you to a fairly large variety of antiquities.
Day 8 Bogra / excursion Paharpur
You visit the day the famous archaeological site of Bangladesh; the famous Buddhist complex of Paharpur. The Buddhist monastic complex dating back to the time of the Pala dynasty (7th-12th centuries). The ruin complex is nice and quiet in a rural area and was the largest Buddhist structure south of the Himalayas. Greater than, for example Borobodur in Indonesia.
Day 9 Bogra - Rangpur / excursion Kantanagar Temple
You travel to Rangpur, to visit the palace Tajhat there, one of the finest Rajbaris in Bangladesh. Also visit the beautiful Kali Mandir and famous Carmichael College. In the afternoon visit the Kantanagar temple, one of the most beautiful Hindu temples of Bangladesh, built in 1652 by the famous Maharaja of Dinajpur. The temple is an hour drive away and is one of the finest examples of terracotta architecture in Bangladesh so common. The walls of the complex known beautiful images of gods, humans, animals and floral motifs. The makers had a special fantasy resulting in particular sculpture.
Day 10 Rangpur - Dhaka
After breakfast you will return to Dhaka via Jamuna Setu (the biggest bridge in Bangladesh). Late afternoon you will arrive in Dhaka.
Day 11 Depart Dhaka

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