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Bangladesh Visa | Travel Documents for Bangladesh | Passport and Permits

Bangladesh Visa on Arrival (VOA)  

It is very easy to get VOA  only at airports (Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet). The booth is open 24 hours and procedure is easy. Just go the respective booth, provide your passport (No need photocopy, they will do it),pay the fees (USD 51) and get 4 Weeks visa stamp on your passport. All country Citizens are eligible to get VOA except : a. India, b. Pakistan, c. Algeria, d. Sudan, e. Iraq &  f. Afghanistan . 
No VOA is provided in any land borders. The VOA is applicable only  for those who arrive by air.

Over staying : 
Overstaying is not a big issue here. You can easily overstay some days. Some time immigration officers ignore this, specially in land borders. But there is a rule of fine for over staying : Tk 200 per day for first 15 days and Tk. 500 per day after 15 days.