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Azerbaijan Tour

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Baku - Shamakha - Sheki - Gobustan

Visit unknown Azerbaijan and see the glamour of booming oil town Baku with it's charming old town. Wander in ancient mountain villages in the Caspian mountains and sleep in old caravanserai's. See mudvolcano's and the Caspian Sea

from 1290,-
12 days

Azerbaijan Tour
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Day 1 arrival Baku
You arrive in the capital of Azerbaijan. Baku is located at the Caspian Sea and is the most cosmopolitan city of the Causcaus. This has everything to do with the oil and gas in the Caspia Sea, to which Azerbaijan owes its prosperity
Day 2 Baku
Today you will visit the city. Take a morning walk through the old city(Icheri Sheher) with the Shemakha Gate, the 12th century Maiden Tower and the Palace Shirvanshakhs. Also take a visit to the modern Carpet Museum (shaped like a rolled up carpet), the mansions of the oil barons and the Avenue of the Martyrs. From here you have a bautiful view over the city, located at the Caspian Sea. At noon have a walk along the promenade or visit the Absheron peninsula with its Ateshgag temple. Here lights the eternal flame of the Zoroastrians.
Day 3 Baku - Lahic via Shemaki
After breakfast you leave Baku and drive to the Caucaus mountains in northwestern Azerbaijan. At first, you will drive through a dry and barren landscape where you will see various 'mud vulcanoes'. You visit the Diri Baba mausoleum, dedicated to a 15th century Sufi saint. You will also visit the city Shemaki, the ancient capital of the Shirvan kingdom. You can visit the Friday Mosque and the Seven Mausoleums of Mazara. The city is also a nice place to have lunch. 
Next, the dry landscape changes into a wooded mountain area. You drive to the picturesque village Lahic, beautifully located in the Caucasus. For centuries, this village has been a center of azerbaijani handicrafts, especially coppersmiths who once came here from Persia. The inhabitants still speak Tat, an old Persian dialect. It is a lovely village to wander through and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
Day 4 Sheki-Baku
In the late morning we start a 2 hour walking tour of Sheki. You will visit Royal Summer Palace of the Sheki Khans with its magnificent frescoes and stained glass as well as Sheki Museum. Another example of the developed architecture of the 18th century is the House of Sheki Khans, which belonged to the close relatives of Sheki Khans.  The walls and the ceiling of bigger rooms are covered with terrific beautiful pictures: flowers, animals, patterns.
Later we'll visit the master-class of national instrument, tar. According to its technical and dynamic capabilities, the contemporary tar is considered to be the most improved of the Azerbaijani string instruments. The tar was and still is used as the main instrument in a mugham trio (tar, kamancha and gaval) and continues to play a significant role in the development of the mugham art today. Arrival in Baku. Overnight.
Day 5: Baku-Gobustan-Baku
After breakfast we will visit the Museum of Petroglyphs another name of which is Gobustan - a mountainous place in the southeast of the Major Caucasian ridge located 60 km from Baku .There are thousands of rock paintings from the early Stone Age depicting hunting scenes, animals, people and ships as well as graffiti left by Alexander the Great's army and Roman legionnaires. Also see some bizarre mud volcanoes in an empty lunar landscape. In 2007 Gobustan was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then we’ll return to Baku.
Day 12 depart Baku

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Hi, I am Gvantsa Gudadze, your local travel agent.
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