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Armenia Exploration Tour

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Grand Armenia Tour including southern Armenia

Beautiful, varied Armenia tour that will show you the natural beauty of one of the oldest countries. Start your tour in Yerevan. Visit ancient monasteries and the scenic Lake Sevan

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12 days

Armenia Exploration Tour
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Varied tour with visit to the south of Armenia
A two-week tour that will take you along all the highlights of Armenia. Besides Yerevan and Sevan lake you will visit the still little undiscovered southern part of the country and the enclave of Nagorno Karabakh.  

The trip starts and ends in the capital Yerevan, located at the foot of Mt. Ararat in the neighboring country Turkey. After a tour to explore the city, you can view the special and varied attractions of the capital. Plan for example on a Sunday a visit to Echmiatzin, the head of the Armenian Church; with special services on Sundays with beautiful singing choirs.  

A beautiful route then guides you to the monastery of Khor Virab with views over Mt. Ararat and the beautiful located monastery of Noravank. In the south of Armenia the longest cable car in the world will take  you to the Tatev monastery and you will visit the cliff dwellings of Khndzoresk. In Jermuk you arrive at the location of the finest spring water from the country and you travel via the Selim caravanserai and -pass to Sevan Lake. Then you travel to the hilly regions of Dilijian where you can visit the famous monasteries of Sanahin and Hagpat. Through the northwest of the country, Gyumri and Fort Amberd, you return to Yerevan.  

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Short itinerary Armenia Complete tour (12 days / 11 nights)
Day 1 arrival Yerevan, city tour
Day 2 Yerevan
Day 3 Yerevan
Day 4 Yerevan - Goris / via Khor Virap, Noravank
Day 5 Goris - Jermuk / via Tatev monastery
Day 6 Jermuk - Sevan via Selim pass
Day 7 Sevan - Alaverdi / via Ghoshavank
Day 8 Alaverdi / hiking Haghpat and Sanahin
Day 9 Alaverdi - Gyumri
Day 10 Gyumri - Yerevan / via Kari Lake and Amberd Fort
Day 11 Yerevan
Day 12 depart Yerevan

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Hi, I am Gvantsa Gudadze, your local travel agent.
Discover armenia with me!

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