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Information and Practical Tips regarding traveldocuments needed for a holiday in Armenia, visa, passport, permits and invitations

Travel Documents Armenia

Armenia Visa | Travel Documents for Armenia | Passport and Permits

Travellers who will visit Armenia should take care over their own correct travel documents. Below you find the information about the required travel documents as known at the time of writing.

For a trip to Armenia, you will need a passport. This passport should be valid for at least six months after returning from the trip. For Dutch and Belgians there is no visa obligation for Armenia. 

Visa Nagorno Karabakh.
People who go to visit the enclave of Nogorno Karabakh, need to have a separate visa for this. This visa is locally arranged at the border, and also in the capital Stepanakert. So you do not need a visa for Azerbaijan, and it doesn't have to be arranged in advance.