Responsible Tourism in Asia with Pyala Travel

At Pyala Travel we believe in environmentally and culturally responsible tourism.

Responsible tourism in Asia with Pyala Travel

At Pyala Travel we believe in sustainable and responsible tourism. Responsible tourism is a broad concept, what is it exactly and how do we contribute? Sustainability in tourism for example is the amount of CO2 emissions and how to compensate it. But also how to deal with flora and fauna in the visited parks during your trip. Those are some important elements and our focus on responsible tourism.

But sustainability in tourism goes much further. It is about the impact you have as a tourist on the social structure of local people. Especially to local people we pay extra attention. Because we saw ourselves how much impact it has if we just let it happen. That is why we discuss this with our local agents. We work very hard to let your visit be as positive as possible. It is not always easy, because awareness is a slow process.

We pay extra attention to the impact of tourism on the social structure of local people. On a small scale we do our best to contribute on the consciousness and understanding of responsible tourism. For example we inform travelers about what the local people appreciate and what not. We discuss a lot with the local agents and give advice how to pay attention to responsible tourism while organising your trip.

With our Meet-a-Local activities we let our clients connect with local people by arranging encounters on a small-scale way. To get to know each other, to understand each other, even it is just for a few hours. Sometimes we do not understand each other well because we grew up in a different culture, in another society, rich or poor. With our Meet-a-Local activities we are learning how to understand each other and in the meanwhile enjoy the country, culture and nature. In this way travelers will not cause damage to the social structure of the locals. Because we think this is important and most of all fun.

The local agents all know the area very well and know how to organise the trip in a way that local people can benefit the most from it. We always try to make sure that the earned money is spent on food, entertainment, transportation and accommodation. That is why we always choose for small scale accommodations which are connected with the own environment. Sometimes you will stay in a homestay too where you will eat what local people eat so the food does not have to come from far away.

What can you do?

Before your trip, during your trip and after your trip you can contribute in being a responsible tourist. Before you leave you can start reading and learning more about the country you will visit. We always provide you the general information of the destination and where you should pay attention to during your visit.

During your trip you are the person who can ensure that your visit is sustainable and responsible. Make sure you respect the culture, nature and local people. Every culture is different and all cultures have different customs and etiquettes. Our local agents will inform you about the customs and etiquettes of the destination you will visit.

After your trip you can share your experience and knowledge with friends and family and make sure they will be responsible travelers too.